Sample Autobiography

Sample Autobiography

If you are writing an autobiography for the first time, you might need sample autobiography to guide you. An autobiography refers to the account of an individual’s life written by that individual. It is simply the life story that a person writes about his/her life- wikipedia.

There are many situations that require people to write autobiographies such as when applying for a job. The lives of some people are filled with interesting facts and rich details. These make determining what to include in the autobiography and how to present them difficult. However, when you have a sample autobiography knowing the information to include and what to leave out becomes easy.

What a good sample autobiography should include

The information that is included in an autobiography sample is determined by its length. The length of an autobiography also determines the depth of the included information. For instance, an autobiography sample that has few paragraphs will have basic facts while an autobiography with several pages will have more detailed information.

However, a good sample of an autobiography should generally include details like:

  • Personal factors

These are details like personality, disposition or temperament, energy, physical health, major strengths, major limitations and background or personal history.

  • Educational and career plans

These are details like your current position or the position that you are seeking, perceived challenges in the career, ultimate goals such as what you intend to achieve 5, 10 or 20 years to come and what you wish that other people could remember you for.

  • Major achievements

This includes the things that you did properly and enjoyed. It also includes things that earned you recognition because you did them well.

  • Philosophy

This includes the essence of the career that you have chosen in relation to the contemporary society. It also includes self responsibilities as well as responsibilities to the other people.

  • Interests or hobbies

These include what you enjoy doing during your leisure time. Common hobbies include activities like reading, performing art, recreational activities, volunteer work and sports among others.

Remember that these are sample items that a sample autobiography can have since it can include more information. When writing your autobiography, you can also delete some of them depending on the length of the autobiography that you want to write or information that you have been instructed to include-

Essence of a good sample autobiography

A good sample of an autobiography is very important because it enables you to write a great autobiography. Using the sample as your writing guide enables you to write an autobiography that serves its main purpose which is to give an account of your life. Usually, a good sample enables you to know how you should pass or leave a message to the future generations, preserve the history of your family or tell people who you really are-

By using a good sample, you can write an autobiography that tells people about your life as a child, your interaction with family members, what you disliked or liked at school, why and where you opted to attend college as well as what life is to you.

Sample autobiography

My name is Henry Patrick. I was born on 8th August 1983 in Orange County, California, U.S.A where my family lives up to this day. I lived in Orange County until recently when I attained eighteen years and left for college. My childhood was great, filed with fun activities, friends and family members. I lived with my mom Jane, my dad Frank, and my brother Boniface. However, I lost my grandmother when I was ten years old and this affected me very much. However, with the support of my family and friends I was able to go through that difficult moment.


I started schooling at the age of six years when I went to kindergarten and then to Elementary school. While pursuing my elementary studies, I received an award for my perfect attendance. I went to Booker Middle School where I also received several awards including being the Best Learner of the Year in the sixth grade.

While in high school, I engaged in several activities including speech, swimming, drama, playing volleyball and being a member of the National Honor Society. During graduation, I topped my class and I also gave a valedictory speech during the graduation ceremony. I worked hard continuously during my years in high school. Apart from my high academic performance, I also involved myself in the activities of the Spanish Club where I was the vice president. I was also a member of the Christian Athletes Fellowship club as well as the Drama Club. I took part in acting and as a technician in different children plays.


My hobbies are mostly the activities that entail interacting with children. While in high school, I worked in a local daycare facility. Since when I was a high school student, I have engaged in volunteer activities that deal with children including teaching Sunday school at the local church. I also helped children with reading problems at the local library during my free time.

My personality

I prefer being organized as well as knowing what will happen in advance. However, I am dynamic and I can always fit in as situations demand. I am good at giving instructions and explaining things. I am an outgoing person who like meeting people especially those with great ideas.

Perhaps, my outgoing and volunteering character can be depicted by an incident that occurred while I was in high school. A Spanish-speaking family moved to our town while I was a senior student in high school. Our school was not ready to handle Spanish-speaking students. The students were struggling to learn English during their first year in school. I volunteered to help them learn English by offering them evening classes every Wednesday.

By doing this, I also learnt how to speak Spanish. I had a great experience and since then I have loved teaching. I always put extra efforts in learning Spanish by conducting research.

My goals

My dream is to write a comprehensive book that will be used by Spanish-speakers to learn English as their second language. I also intend to pursue my studies and graduate as a second grade teacher. I recall my experience while teaching young children and my new friends in senior high school and this makes me yearn to be a teacher. My goal has always been to venture into teaching elementary school.

I have been told by many people that I am a teacher naturally. Although I do not believe that it is possible for a person to be born a teacher, I love teaching and my passion for teaching is now part of my personality. I will do everything I can to be the best teacher. Perhaps, through hard work and determination I will be a teacher that I yearn to be one day and convince some of the children that I will be teaching to become other teachers.

Why this is a good sample autobiography

This is a great sample of an autobiography because it has the following attributes:

  • It explores the life of the author

In this autobiography sample, the author explains the major events and details of his life. For instance, he starts with his date and place of birth and leads the reader to the present time. This tells readers where the author came from, where he is and where he wants to be in the future since he has stated his goals.

  • It includes an incident

The author highlights a specific occurrence that took place when he was in senior high school to describe his volunteering and outgoing character. The incident comes out clearly because it depicts the ability of the author to take initiative at a time of crisis.

  • It has the basic elements of an autobiography

This autobiography sample has all the basic elements of a good autobiography. For instance, it has the characters, events, setting, and story-line. It brings out the life of the author to the readers and readers can clearly picture what the author has been up to in life. Additionally, the author includes not only the successes and achievements in life, but also challenges. In the first paragraph, the author says that he lost his grandmother and this affected him. However, he was able to cope with his loss with the support of family members and friends. Perhaps, this indicates how dear family members and friends are to the author.

  • It tells about places

The autobiography indicates Orange County, California, U.S.A as the place where the author was born and brought up. This is an important element of an autobiography because it gives the life of the author a context- Click on this link for more details.

We hope the guidelines above have equipped you with the necessary information to write a good autobiography.

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