Sample Thesis Paper on What Is the Future of Electric Cars?

The working thesis, “electric cars are going to outshine fuel-driven cars in future,
however they will be faced with numerous challenges,” attempts to investigate the uncertainty of
the success of the electric car and how this uncertainty can be solved in order to achieve success.
This thesis also attempts to explain the potential of using electric cars as a means to reduce
pollution caused by gasoline-powered cars. The approach used in this work was collection of
data from existing published articles such as online articles, professional and scholarly journals.
Textbooks, newspaper, magazines and government articles can also be used in gathering
Department of Energy. The history of the electric car. Department of Energy. September
15, 2014, . Accessed April 2,
The article mainly is about the inception of electric vehicles and what lead to their
decline. The author also analyses how the shortage of gas, high oil prices and environmental
pollution led to a new beginning for electric cars. This article gives information that the electric
car has a great potential despite its unclear future.
Ewing, Jack. What's stalling electric cars. The New York Times. December 19, 2017, . Accessed
April 2, 2021.

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The author gives an analysis of possible challenges electric cars may face and are facing,
before they can be fully integrated into the society. This article provides vital information that
inventors and governments may require to improve in order to make the use of electric cars
possible and more efficient. The author explains that the biggest challenge for electric cars is the
mentality of people already using combustion engines. Therefore this study proves that it is
important to allow people room to adjust and change their mentality towards electric cars.
Neville, Angela. “Electric vehicles: The uncertain road ahead.” Power, vol. 154, no. 3, 2010,
pp. 26.
Neville and Angela debate on various ways the government supports the development of
the electric car through law enactment, fiscal incentives and providing funds for research. The
authors argue that the future of electric cars is still uncertain due to the feeble economy and
present monetary mess vehicle manufacturers are in. The study provides important information
concerning the governments input to succeeding of electric vehicles.
The Editorial Board. The electric car future is finally taking off. Financial Times, January
12, 2021, .
Accessed April 2, 2021.
The editorial board writes about the favorable outcome of Norway in integrating electric
cars. Norway’s success in assimilating the use of electric cars is a key lesson how specific
approach can assist in changing buyer behavior and encourage private-sector funding. Given by
the article it is evident that getting aid from the government is important in the succeeding of
electric cars.
The New York Times. Are electric cars the wheels of the future? The New York Times
Company. November 4, 2019,

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electric-vehicle-plan-doubles-down-on-failure . Accessed April 2, 2021.
Matza Clinton, raises concern on that the minimal effect of electric cars on the air whiles
the result on taxpayers was striking and caused a retardation of the economy. Warburg Newton is
concerned by government policies enabling gasoline-powered cars specific mileage and gas
emission raising alarm on the environmental effects of this pollution. This letters to the editor
provide insight on people’s concerns whether air pollution caused by gasoline-powered cars will
be reduced by electric cars.
Joe, Britton. The electric vehicle revolution critics can't dispute. The Hill. February 19, 2021,
vehicle-revolution-critics-cant-dispute?amp . Accessed April 1, 2021.
Joe emphasizes on the efficiency of the electric car in terms of performance, maintenance
cost, fuel consumption and is environmentally friendly with less pollution and emissions. The
author lists the concerns given by critics concerning the effectiveness, accessibility of charging
infrastructure and affordability of electric cars. This suggests that some people are yet to accept
that electric cars are the future of transportation and psychology is still by the far the biggest
challenge towards succeeding of electric cars.
Earth Justice. Electric vehicles are not just the wave of the future, they are saving lives
today; earth justice organization. Earth Justice, June 25, 2020, . Accessed April 1, 2021.
This article explains how electric cars are saving the climate and lives through the
reduction of pollution and carbon emissions to the air. The article gives insight that even with no

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car; we can help make electric cars succeed by telling others about them. The authors believe
electric cars are advantageous and need to be introduced in the industry.
Broder, Robin, Boulanger, Roger, Anderson, Roger, N., Nettles, Meredith. The future of
electric vehicles and challenges for infrastructure. Project: Vehicle Electrification.
May 5, 2009, . Accessed April 1,
This thesis was used to study the feasibility of transforming a normal carport or garage
into one that can elaborately sustain electric vehicle use. From it, it is clear that electricity failure
would pose a charging problem and the use of electric cars would face opposition as electricity is
already limited. The article focuses on the challenges that electric cars are likely to face in future.