Sample Business Management Paper on Bank of the West

PART I: Annotated Bibliography
Selvakumar, J. J. (2015). Impact of service quality on customer satisfaction in public sector and
private sector banks. PURUSHARTHA-A journal of Management, Ethics and Spirituality, 8(1),
One identified problem with Bank of the West is the fact that online transactions most of
the time require physical presence of the customers. This creates a customer service relations
issue between the bank and the clients. This article clearly addresses the issue of the importance
of good customer service for great service delivery. The source is also picked because it is more
in-depth (12 pages), the author is a reputable professor specialized in business management
matters, and it is recently published thus addresses the recent issues regarding the customer
relations problem. The author argues that service quality not only increases customer loyalty and
retention but also determines reliability.
Chong, A. Y., Ooi, K., Lin, B., & Tan, B. (2010). Online banking adoption: An empirical
analysis. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 28(4), 267-287.
This article is relevant to the project since it analyzes the factors that influence the
adoption of online banking in the industry. It focuses on the effectiveness, ease of use, trust, and
government support and its relationship with the adoption of online banking. According to the
article, usefulness, trust, and government support positively influences online banking
experience. The article is reliable because it relied on the findings of a sufficient sample size

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(156 respondents in the banking sector), it is peer-reviewed, and it is recently published thus
captures the current issues bedeviling the banking sector.
Mahboub, R. M. (2018). The Impact of Information and Communication Technology
Investments on the Performance of Lebanese Banks. European Research Studies Journal, 21(4),
This article is also relevant to the project because it expounds on the role of technology in
the development of the banking sector. Bank of the West is grappling with a technological
problem and the article articulates that applying ATMs, internet banking, telephone banking, and
debit and credit cards have no significant impact on the performance of the bank. However,
mobile banking has a great impact on the performance of any bank. The article is written by a
reputable scholar, it is published on a reputable platform, and it is current for the topic under the
Akhisar, I., Tunay, K. B., & Tunay, N. (2015). The effects of innovations on bank performance:
The case of electronic banking services. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 195, 369-375.
The article is ideal for the project because examines the effects of electronic-based
banking systems on the bank’s profitability. This is an issue that Bank of the West is also
grappling with. The bank seeks to exploit the use of electronic banking to improve its
profitability and market penetration. The article reports that the profitability of the banks does
not necessarily depend on electronic banking services. This article is not only peer-reviewed but
also offers an in-depth analysis of the matter at hand. On top of that, the article contains
supporting documentations like graphs thus making it more reliable.

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Acharya, V. V., & Ryan, S. G. (2016). Banks’ financial reporting and financial system
stability. Journal of Accounting Research, 54(2), 277-340.
Bank of the West also reported system problems as part of the problem that it is facing.
The article captures various system issues in the banking sector. According to the article, the
security of the banking systems is central to the market discipline and loyalty of the customers to
the bank that has a reliable system. The article is resourceful for this project as it provides
examples on various ways of resolving system problems in the banking sector. Additionally, the
article is addressed to the right audience in this project and also the purpose of the article is to
provide credible information in the banking sector.
Daryakin, A. A., & Andriashina, S. G. (2015). Problems of Evaluation and Management of
Operational Risks in Banks. Procedia Economics and Finance, 24, 156-165.
This is yet another article that adequately addresses the issue of system failure that Bank
of the West is facing. The two authors provided various suggestions on various ways of
improving banking systems using the Imayev’s technique. It also provides solutions on how
control systems of operational risks can be developed using Bayesian network. This article not
only captures the issues that Bank of the West is facing but also contains supporting
documentation on how to improve the system stability. The article is also peer-reviewed and it is
recently published thus captures recent issues bedeviling Bank of the West.
Nicola, M., Alsafi, Z., Sohrabi, C., Kerwan, A., Al-Jabir, A., Iosifidis, C., … & Agha, R. (2020).
The socio-economic implications of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19): A
review. International journal of surgery (London, England), 78, 185.

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Another issue bedeviling Bank of the West is the COVID-19 problem that has made it
difficult for customers to assemble at a particular point without social distance restrictions. This
has made it extremely difficult for the bank’s customers to physically access the banking
services. The article addresses itself to this issue by examining the socio-economic implications
of this novel virus to the economy of the world, more-so the banking sector. Reasons that make
this article reliable include the fact that authors are credible in matters economics and health, it is
peer-reviewed, and the topic is relevant to the discussion of the project.
Ali, M., & Raza, S. A. (2017). Service quality perception and customer satisfaction in Islamic
banks of Pakistan: the modified SERVQUAL model. Total Quality Management & Business
Excellence, 28(5-6), 559-577.
This article is also resourceful to the project as it captures the customer service issues
facing Bank of the West. The article relies on the SERVQUAL model to analyze the relationship
between service quality and customer satisfaction. According to the article, multi-dimensional
service quality positively influences un-dimensional scale of customer satisfaction. The findings
are based on responses from 450 walk-in customers, a broad sample population to be relied
upon. The fact that the article is 18-page long also makes it in-depth to address all the issues in
regard to customer satisfaction. Finally, the article is recently published thus contains recent
information on the issue.
Levitin, A. J. (2016). Safe banking: Finance and democracy. The University of Chicago Law
Review, 357-455.
Bank of the West is also faced with a problem of customers failing to safely transfer
funds from their accounts to other banks beyond the United States. They have to use a third party

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application called Zelle which is not only expensive but also limits on the amount to be
transacted within a particular time. The above article examines the various ways in which funds
can safely be transferred from one bank to another even beyond the borders of the United States.
The article calls for a Pure Reserve Banking System as a means of safely keeping the monies and
transferring them.
Gabor, D., & Brooks, S. (2017). The digital revolution in financial inclusion: international
development in the fintech era. New Political Economy, 22(4), 423-436.
The above article also addresses itself to the problem of international money transfer that
Bank of the West is grappling with. The source provides insightful information about the role of
digital-based financial inclusion in the development of the banking industry. The information in
the article is ideal in helping the Bank of the West develop strategies of making it easier for its
customers to transfer funds beyond borders. The article is resourceful because it is peer-
reviewed, recent and uses supporting documents to highlight the importance of digital-based
banking and money transfer in segmenting the market.
Shaikh, A. A., & Karjaluoto, H. (2015). Mobile banking adoption: A literature
review. Telematics and informatics, 32(1), 129-142.
This article also captures the bank’s problem of mobile banking where customers are
supposed to physically present themselves to the banking halls before a mobile banking
transaction is completed. The article provides an analysis of the mobile banking and how
researchers use it to predict its consumer adoption. The authors observed that mobile banking
option is fragmented and it is usually driven by compatibility and perceived usefulness. The

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article is relevant to the topic of the project and it is supported by strong documents. On top of
that, it is peer-reviewed and it is published by credible authors.
Rahi, S., Abd Ghani, M., & Alnaser, F. M. (2017). The influence of e-customer services and
perceived value on brand loyalty of banks and internet banking adoption: a structural equation
model (SEM). The Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, 22(1), 1-18.
Bank of the West also grapples with the issue of lack of ready customer service
attendants to provide over-the phone assistance to millions of its customers. The article captures
the numerous ways the bank can employ e-customer services to solve that problem. The authors
observed that e-customer service and perceived value greatly influences customer loyalty.
According to the article, the bank can exploit e-customer service options to ensure that over-the-
phone assistance problems are addressed. The broad number of pages makes it in-depth to
address all the issues in regard to customer service. The article is also published on a reputable
platform thus reliable for the purposes of this project.
Peng, L. S., & Moghavvemi, S. (2015). The dimension of service quality and its impact on
customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty: A case of Malaysian banks. Asian Journal of Business
and Accounting, 8(2).
This is another article that is relevant to the project. It is resourceful because it uses the
SERVQUAL model to analyze the relationship between service quality, which is lacking at Bank
of the West, and customer loyalty. The article applies six customer satisfaction dimensions
namely tangibles, empathy, reliability and security, price, online banking and convenience.
These are some of the issues directly attributed to the issues facing Bank of the West. The
authors observed that the six dimensions have a significant positive impact on customer loyalty

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and satisfaction. The article is also credible because it is peer-reviewed and provides information
specific to the problem.
He, D., You, K., Li, W., & Wu, J. (2019). Determinants of Technology Adoption: Evidence from
the Chinese Banking Industry. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 1-23.
Bank of the West is also mulling the idea of using technological services to conduct its
affairs amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an idea that is captured in the above article. The
authors argue that banks that have a huge geographical presence like Bank of the West must
adopt online banking systems earlier or they risk losing out to their competitors. They also
provided evidence that in future online banking is going to be a serious substitute to physical
banking and banks have to brace for that. The article is not only recently published but also
published on a reputable platform thus credible.
Cavus, N., & Christina, D. N. C. (2015). Information technology in the banking sector: Review
of mobile banking. Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, 5(2),
Bank of the West seeks to develop an Application Program Interface (API) that enables
customers to integrate into its systems without any issue. This is a technological issue that is
captured in the article. The article examines the different models that tests customers’ intention
to adopt mobile banking. The authors divide the role of information technology in the banking
sector into two major categories namely communication and connectivity, and individual and
business transactions. This source is very resourceful for the project as captures the ways in
which Application Program Interface can be integrated into the mobile banking system to help
customers easily access banking services.

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PART II: Literature Review Outline
System problems

System problems
Crowds due to covid
Need for physical presence

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Customers cannot safely transfer funds to other banks across the globe
Transfer is limited to $10,000 monthly
Using third party (Zelle) to process transfer
Use Lightico to solve – charges per customer interaction
Application Program Interface that enables them to integrate into systems
Use email to authenticate
Adopting online platforms to transfer funds to other banks
Bank rep provide over the phone assistance
Toll-free number for international clients
Offer virtual meetings through Zoom