Sample Article Review on Teaching Science to the Mancu Emperor by Eva march

Teaching Science to the Mancu Emperor

This article was written by Eva march Tappan in 1914. It was written in Japan. This is an internet source type of document and it forms part of the Internet Modern History Sourcebook. The intended audience of this document is emperors of various cultures in China.

The main points of this document include making a great glass of high diameter where the emperor and his queens would visit to observe everything that took place on the street. He was very much pleased with the sight, but the princesses were not pleased because according to Chinese customs, they were not expected to move out of the palace. Secondly, the emperor was given different types of telescopes. Additionally, he was given glasses that would enable him to magnify, diminish, and multiply. There are also other things that the emperor was given for instance, Pere Brugilo gave the emperor three drafts and they served as places for keeping rules. Three similar copies were shown in Jesuits Garden at parking. The mandarins from all parts of the city visited the Jesuits’ garden at Peking .

This document was majorly written to show the skills that some Individuals had and how they utilized them to make various things that pleased both emperors and other people in China. For instance, they made things that were appreciated by both nationals and foreigners. It was also written to show the beliefs of the emperors. For instance, any time a phenomena like rainbows was seen in heavens, emperors would instantly call on missionaries to come and explain the source of their causes. They entailed several books with respective natural appearances, and this would help in providing proper explanations that show effects of nature in heavens.

The article also intended to show how the emperor was not performing as expected. For instance, the defective organ that was presented to the emperor can be analyzed it terms of the emperors failure to perform his responsibilities. Christians and missionaries wanted to convert individuals in both China and Japan. The prince was very much pleased with issues being raised and he was willing to discuss such issues with other people.

This article reveals that during this period, Père du Halde majorly focused on preparing things that would impress the emperor and other people. Additionally, other things that were made aimed at attracting people in the city. The article also shows that this type of society was under the leadership of emperors and princesses. The emperor had various responsibilities and was highly adored in this community. This is evident from various things that were made for the emperor. Additionally, this community has individuals who can come with varied inventions that can be very much appealing to people of this society. The society also came up with inventions that would enable them determine the weather conditions of their community. For instance, they invented a thermometer that would enable them to show variation in the degree of cold and heat. They also invented a hygrometer that would enable them to find out the degree of dryness and moisture.

In conclusion, this document provides a synopsis of what used to take place in the Chinese societies during the period. They performed various activities that seemed significant to the emperors and the rest of the community.