Sample Art Thesis Paper on Didactic Themes

Didactic Themes

  1. Provide your initial thesis statement here:

I am researching this topic: Didactic themes in Chinese art. Here are three focused question I have about my topic: the reflection of didactic themes in the image, the history`s basic purpose of the image, and the typical Confucian message in the Chinese art. My preliminary research shows me that the time, when didactic themes appeared in Chinese art is considered to be the time of the greatest prosperity of Chinese culture as a whole. Three key words I will use include: didactic themes, Confucian message and Chinese art.

  • Does it make an assertion or claim?

The thesis statement makes an analysis of Chinese art. It therefore intends to support the claim through research on popular arts such as Confucian message.

  • How is it supported by evidence from your sources?

Evidence applied comes from the real arts observed and discussed by various authors. Therefore, a conclusion is reached at through critical analysis of the themes represented by the arts.

  • Does it reflect your findings?

Yes, the evidence given reflects on the finding because it outlines the greatest prosperity of Chinese culture through art.

  • How does it show what the research suggests and how you’re going to answer your research question?

The research suggests that art was and is still part of the Chinese culture and reflects on their life. I am going to answer my research question by utilizing the Confucian message and Chinese art to learn about the theme.

  • Does it indicate a specific topic?

The statement addresses Chinese art and the theme of human life and features that shows human existence. Therefore, it is specific in regards to cultural art.

  • Does it reflect a purpose such as to persuade, analyze, propose solutions, and show cause/effect?

The essay analyzes the art as a way of studying culture.

  • Does it use Concrete Language—Avoid Vague Words & Generalizations-avoid words such as interesting, great, good?

Yes, the statement desists from vague language.

  • Does it include a significance or relevance?

It includes relevance information that helps arrive at an informed decision.

  1. What is the “so what?” factor?

There are three factors involved in this essay and they include didactic themes, Confucian message and Chinese art.

  1. Does it fit the assignment?

Yes, these factors do fit the assignment.

  1. How is it appropriate for the scope of a 5-7 page essay?

This thesis statement is fit to be used in analyzing a five to seven pages essay. Through analyzing Chinese art the number of pages can be achieved.

Use this checklist to review as you write your thesis statement:

  1. Does the thesis answer your research question?


  1. Does the thesis make a debatable claim, one with which some readers might disagree until convinced otherwise?

A reader concurs with the writer’s view because a good analysis is provided in consideration to Didactic themes.

  1. Does the thesis express the main topic by using key terms from your search?

The key terms used includes Chinese art, didactic themes and Confucian message.

i.e. – Is your primary source included in your thesis?


  1. Does the thesis use concise wording rather than generalizations and “soft” words such as interesting, great, amazing, etc?

The use of concise words is prevalent in the essay as represented by the thesis.

  1. Is your thesis supported by evidence from your research?

Through performing the research, the thesis guided me in conducting specific studies on Chinese culture. Therefore, the evidence provided reflects the original thesis statement of the research endeavor.

  1. Does your thesis reflect your take on the topic rather than simply repeating what your source authors concluded?

My thesis supports my views and conclusion on the issue at hand.  It therefore reflects on my research rather than what my source document found out.

  1. Does the thesis take a balanced and reasonable approach and avoid “absolutes” such as always, never, all, none, etc?

The thesis takes a reasonable argument into the matter. This renders the research endeavor a success.

  • Does the thesis suggest the significance or relevance of the topic?

The essay suggests and explains the significance of art to the Chinese culture. Therefore, people engaged in this practice to relate to their traditions. Addressing the topic requires that the research make significant assumption.

  • Does the thesis make the purpose of the essay clear (to explore causes, effects, propose solutions to a problem, etc.)?

The thesis is clear and meets the purpose of the essay through the inclusion of evidence. Thus, readers will be able to follow and understand the essay at ease. In addition, it supports the main theme of the paper which is to analyze traditional art.

  • Revised thesis statement goes here:

Chinese art depicts existence of life as well as evil. This means that most of the arts in the ancient times portrayed the success of Chinese culture brought out through the Didactic themes.  Therefore, the essay explores and discusses the Didactic Themes in the Chinese cultural arts.