Sample Art Paper on Personal Wellness Project

Personal Wellness Project

            A couple of weeks ago, I set out on a journey to lose six pounds of weight through a healthy diet and workouts for health improvement. I specifically chose this area because I realized my BMI had catapulted to 26 and I was in a constant struggle to fit and zip my jeans. Normally, I never found it hard to fit in any of my clothes but suddenly, I found it hard to even fit in some of the clothes that I used to consider oversize. This was mainly contributed by my irregular eating habits coupled with lack of exercise and heavy junk food almost all the time. Therefore, I came up with a balanced program that helped me burn heavy amounts of fat to cut my weight and improve my health. I achieved this through certain crucial exercises including active stretches, regular home tabata, hard-body meltdown, ultimate weight-loss circuit, and 20-minutes metabolism boosters as well as HIIT bodyweight workout in conjunction with a balanced diet low in calories. This meant that I had to avoid any form of junk food and adhere to the diet that my doctor prescribed comprising of vegetables with fruits at every meal, 8 to 10 ounces of water after every meal, and food that contains variety of vitamins on a daily basis to boost my health as I cut weight. Despite challenges, such as constant temptations to eat restricted foods and time management, I was able to drop six pounds at the end of the week. I can gladly say it was a program worth my time and dedication because it helped me improve and regain my health.