Sample Art Essay Paper on Value system

Value system

My value system is inspired by what gives me strength the most when in my daily life. Honesty, inner peace, good health, gratitude and friendship are the key important parameters in life. I believe that an individual does not have to be related to you to offer you loyalty, genuine care and unconditional friendship to be considered a “relative”. From my experiences in life, I have seen strangers who have wished and assisted to propel me towards a better life in comparison to blood relatives who should offer me all the help that they can offer according to their positions and power in their professional and personal life. Unfortunately, I have had experiences that have resulted in bad promises whereby blood relatives have acted in their own selfish interests resulting in me missing out on good opportunities in life. A malicious act by a family member is hurtful because one does not even expect it to happen, and even when it happens, one might stay in a state of denial for a long time before taking the necessary redemption steps. But after such an experience, one wants to ensure that he or she or their close loved ones do not experience such encounters. Personally, I have seen that it is best to place the least expectations on those who we are “programmed” by society to expect the most from (Noona, 2012). This fact should especially be reinforced by the fact that people have become more materialistic and selfish, and they are not afraid, to hurt, betray and shove other people on the side, regardless of the relationship of the person that they might feel is standing on their way from getting on the top; where they want to be. Life is also surprising based on the fact that those that might assist one the most include strangers who would genuinely not want anything in return. Such individuals might not even want recognition which would not be accompanied by any material wealth. Such attitude from friends or strangers inspires confidence and inner peace to the kindness that is offered from unexpected avenues (Epictetus, 2013).

Though one does not to undergo bad experiences to appreciate good friends, I feel that it is a necessary experience so as not to get comfortable with mediocrity in life. Knowing that there a limited number of individuals that one can rely on, inspires an individual to be the best at what they can be, and even if one does not succeed at it, there is an inner peace in knowing that one did their possible best.

I feel that my value systems have made me a better person, as I strive to be a good friend who would go an extra mile to assist friends where I can, without expecting anything in return.


I think that I will develop additional values which I will have gathered from other experiences in life. My current values have helped me become the person that I am today: striving to learn more about my area of expertise so that I can better my career, and maintain friends that have similar strong values who push me to be a better person as I work on improving my knowledge and motivation in life. I hope to inspire my friends to be the best that they can possibly be through my actions and words.


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