Sample Art Essay Paper on Jazz Performance Art

The concert featured Cat Shelly alongside her band who entertained people at the Schnebly Redland Winery, on October 2, 2017. The band consisted of four members including a drummer, bass guitarist, keyboard player, and a soloist. Performance artists assert that jazz performances are often fascinating (Tsong, 2016). The environment in the Winery was conducive for the visiting audience. The art performance was attended by people from all walks of life. Performance is an area that has gained popularity because it teaches people how to express themselves effectively. Also, it is an effective tool through which people with disability can effectively express their desires.

The artist expressed love messages through own song and those of others. The band ensured that instruments were adjusted to meet the requirements of different compositions. Notably, Shelly balanced the tune and tempo in the song “I know, I know” to communicated love messages by portraying how couples typically feel when relationships end abruptly.

The message was expressed seductively. The sound tune filled the air when the drummer had to take the leading role leaving the bass guitarist to occupy the background. Even though the band had few instruments, the performance was audible enough. The audience enjoyed the music that evening. The drummer explicitly played the drum using a wire brush while the pianist improvised tunes to produce a composition that was affectionately welcomed by the spectators. The context of the performance was cultural since the artist divulged and dissected human relationships. I learnt a lot that evening especially how to recover from broken love promises in relationships. For that matter, I encourage anyone interested in performance art to attend one jazz performance to experience that great feeling.

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