Sample Argumentative Essay Paper on Attitudes towards Gaysm, Race and Gender

The terms gay and lesbian means having sexual interest and having attraction by male and
female individuals respectfully. Homosexuality by men and women is now a political issue that
has raised a divisive debate between those who agree and those who oppose about it. It is legally
authorized by the constitution and but highly condemned by religious institutions. Our traditions,
social norms and churches for instance, hold on to the fact that people should only have sexual
affection for each other, if they are of opposite gender.
The practice of gay and lesbianism is now common in the society. The phrase ‘invisible and
silence’ in homosexuality comes in by the fact that men and women fail or fear to express their
inner challenges or fears that they go through in their intersexual lives via expressing the feelings
verbally. This fear makes them express those challenges through the use of the body that by
showing actions of homosexuality.
The factors, challenges and fears that contribute to the practice of homosexuality are discussed to
be; first, fear of contracting venereal or sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Such
diseases are not curable and may bring about psychological trauma to the people infected. When
analyzing the factors contributing to high mortality rate, research shows that most people do use
protection methods and hence increasing the rate of infection. Fear of contradicting such
infections has greatly contributed to homosexuality.
Peer group influence is also another contributing to homosexuality. This is very common among
the teenagers who have very low capacityPeer group influence is also another contributing to homosexuality. This is very common among
the teenagers who have very low capacity in terms of making right sexual decisions for their life.
They influence each other by criticizing those who do not practice it. The innocent individuals
end up being part of the homosexuality in the process of trying to fit in the circle of their friends.

Poor family upbringing is another factor contributing to the persisting rate of homosexuality.
Many parents ignore their parental roles of providing guidance and controlling the behavior of
their children in during their early stages of growth. Parents, have the right to instill their
children with moral values that make them become better citizens. They also ought to ensure that
their children are associated with religious institutions that can promote their discipline. They
give their parental role to other relatives or people who may not effectively make an impact in
the lives of their children. This paves a way for the children to adopt negative behaviors like
those of practicing homosexuality.
Fear of becoming pregnant is also another factor. Most women fear to bear children when they
are not ready for parental roles. They like avoiding pregnancies because of lack of financial
support, to aid the cost of child care. Some of the pregnancy protection methods fail to work and
the ladies get pregnancy.
Disappointment by people in relationship. Most people in relationship heart break each other in
many ways; for instance, having sexual intercourse with other people without the awareness of
their counterparts. Most men are not approachable to respond to their concerns about their wives.
Some women also are not willing to change their attitudes and behavior. Some are violent and
they psychologically and physically harm their partners. Homosexuality in this way, comes in a
way of resolving intersexual issues coming from their partners.
Many are the reasons as to why people become silent enough to express their inner feelings in
the sexual way of life. Fear of being criticized among others. They therefore demonstrate their
feelings by resolving their emotional satisfaction with the people of the same gender.

Politics involves a lot of activities that involved political leaders and their influence over the
people they govern (Sáenz, R, 2015). These political leaders are chosen by their people through
the process of conducting elections. Conducting elections is one of the political activities and
involves carrying out campaigns by contestants to convince eligible voters to vote for them.
Other politics include matters affecting entire nation like education, citizenship, or even
processes of campaigns. In this essay, the discussion is about Latinos and the impact they have in
US politics and their potential to impact politics at the national, local and state level.
Ramos is journalist with American and Mexican origin and was once featured in a magazine as
one of the most influential people in the country (Shihadeh, 2010). He has carried out
presidential debates and held interview sessions with political Hugo Chawez and Fidel Castro.
He has also been an outspoken pro-immigrant voice. His worked as a reporter and reported news
in Spanish and English language. He informs people who understand the Spanish and English
language on the current activities that are taking place in United States of America. One of the
objectives behind journalism is to set agendas for people. Once the political issues have been
reported to them, they make necessary responding to the requirements of the government or
rejecting some political activities that may not be essential.
Justice Sonia Sotomayor has made judicial impacts in the Supreme court of United states.
(Sáenz, R., 2015). Having works as a judge, he delivered some two major supreme court
landmark rulings. He was part of the board of directors of Puerto Rican Legal Defense and
Education Fund. Incase of issues pertaining politics such as inefficiency of the elective bodies in
the United States, he can make ruling on whether voting process to be repeated or not depending
on the available evidence supporting such cases.

Julian Castro and representative Joaquin Castro; The two were brothers whose father was
Chicana political activist and had educated the on the advantages of public service. The two have
made great contributions in the politics of America. Joaquin was a representative in the Texas
legislature and he was later elected as the house of representatives. Julian was a mayor of San
Antonio, Texas until he was nominated by the president Obama in be the leader in the ministry
of Housing and Urban Development.
Eva Longoria has a master’s degree in Chicano studies and carries out advocacy programs and
non- profit work (Vasquez-Tokos,26). She started an organization known as ‘Eva Longoria
Foundation’ that deals with economic activities like educating people on loan services, and and
giving the students of Latina guidance in their studies. It also enlightened people on academic
issues that pertained the schooling activities of Latina. She has increased chances of people to
get job opportunities in Hispanic and American community.expand . This was made possible
through testimony before the Global conferences and state talks about business issues that were
held in America.
Cuba and have been in the senate after the 2010 elections (Dávila, 2012). Ted had the job title of
solicitor, while Rubio was the nominated the house of representatives of Florida as the Speaker.
They have brought into awareness the important roles that Latinos can play in the politics of
America. The Hispanic Americans can now participate as political leaders or participate in other
government activities. They have fought against issues of racism and encouraged recognition of
people from different regions to participate in the politics of the United States of America.
Ellen Ochoa was the first lady to go to space. She played a major role of leading an Intelligent
Systems Technology that had its Branch at Ames Research Center. Intelligent systems help the
government in carrying out investigations on criminal cases both in the national and local levels.

They advise the national security commission on intelligence matters that are of major concern to
the security of the nation. The systems also recommend to the national security commission on
major issues affecting the security of the state. It comprises of gathering, evaluating and
dissemination of information for instance being involved in decision making of issues of security
and also make future plans for such issues.
Antonia C. Novello was the first Hispanic in the United States of America to become a Surgeon.
He served for a decade at the health ministry (Barranco, 2016). As a medic, she has really fought
for on the health of the young people, the marginalized and those who are prone to risks like the
women. She has advised the government on matters that may interfere with the health of the
young people like drinking, smoking and effects of drug abuse. This gives the government the
mandate to create awareness on effects of drug abuse and carry out programs that educate the
young people on the consequences drug addiction.
On 26 th November, Mary Zerkeel who is the director of American Friends Service Committee’s
Chicago Peace Building Project, offers some advice to protestors and encouraged them carry out
peaceful protests. They were protesting against conducting another election for they were
contented with the results of this year’s presidential elections. She advised them to fully cover
their faces and demonstrate peacefully.
Another article shows that two thirds of Latinos have registered for voting saying that they had
confidence being under the governance of Joe Biden. They said they voted for Joe Biden to help
them handle major issues in United States such as the corona pandemic that led to high mortality

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