Sample Application Letter Admission Essay to Florida Tech (FIT)

Florida Tech (FIT) is a private doctoral and Research University located in Melbourne, Florida, and it has six academic divisions that emphasize on aviation, science, engineering, mathematics, and technology. Its location enables or allows students with interest in key courses such as electrical engineering to enjoy the opportunities of exploring careers and gaining work experiences in the mentioned fields. With key interest in electrical engineering, there is no doubt that FIT will be ideal for me. Its location is less than an hour drive from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and several other industries. With these facilities, the East Coast of Central Florida, where FIT is located, remains one of the top destinations for electrical engineers not only in the US but worldwide. Florida Tech’s location has also seen it become one of the few schools in the US with an electrical engineering college on campus, which paves the way for students to gain electrical-related experience.

As a student, taking advantage of the opportunities provided by Florida Tech would mean studying electrical engineering. I would pursue the mentioned course while being part of Florida Tech’s outstanding and experienced electrical engineering staff. I will gain experience working with top experts in my field of study while having the opportunity to examine the careers of individuals working in my field of study. With electronic and electrical facilities around Florida Tech, conducting research in the field of electrical engineering will not be a challenge. Moreover, the fact that FIT is located next to several industries and companies as already mentioned will allow me to enjoy great opportunities for internships while working with the companies, which may end up hiring me after completion of my course.