Sample Anthropology Research Paper on African Fufu

Fufu is a traditional meal most common in West Africa. Fufu is the staple food in Nigeria and Ghana. The delicacy is prepared by mixing and pounding portions of green plantain flour and cassava flour. The cook determines the texture of the main dish by adding little portions to the desired viscosity.  Recently, modern methods have brought about the addition of other flours including maize flour or semolina. Fufu is served alongside meal soups. Most common accompaniments for fufu include palm nut soup or groundnut soups. Traditionally, African mothers prepared fufu by boiling starchy food like cassava, cocoyams, yams, or plantains in one pot and pounding them to form a dough-like product. African eat fufu using their fingers. The most common pattern is forming a ball shape and dipping it in the meal soup (Daghetto, n.d).

While I visited my college friend in their Native Ghana, I enjoyed the meal for the entire period. Fufu is cheap and very healthy. Before returning back to America, I asked my friend to take me through the preparation methods. When I returned I sought to expand my knowledge of traditional foods. My intention was to prepare it as a surprise for family dinner. I bumped into a recipe that resembles the stages my colleague took me through. Fufu is very easy and cheap to prepare you only require water, apportion of cassava flour, and a portion of corn flour. When there are social gatherings in Ghanian communities with large crowds such as weddings, fufu is the preference.

Mainly the in the Ghanaian society, fufu is prepared in case of social functions. This is mainly because it is cheap and fast to prepare. Additionally, fufu great nutritional value. the main process of  preparing fufu follows the following instruction

Ingredients for Corn Fufu

You only need three ingredients:

•    1 part corn meal (coarse corn flour)

•    4 parts cassava flour

•    Water

Notes on the ingredients:

1.    A portion of corn flour

2.    The cassava flour used for Corn Fufu is moderately coarse cassava flour NOT cassava starch.

3.    If you are outside Nigeria, the P. A. N. maize meal brand is perfect for making Corn Fufu. See the video below for the brand.

4.    If you are in Nigeria go to any Nigerian market and ask for corn flour and cassava flour for making alibo. If you are in the Eastern part of Nigeria, tell them you need corn flour and akpu nkpo for making Nni Oka.

5.    By 1 part of corn meal/flour and 4 parts of cassava flour I mean if you are measuring with standard cups, to get the perfect Corn Fufu mix, you need to measure 4 cups of cassava flour and 1 cup of corn meal/flour and mix them together.

Directions for making Corn Fufu

1.    Measure out the corn flour and cassava flour into a dry container and mix them very well to get the perfect corn fufu mix.

2.    I usually make the Corn Fufu that I can finish with one and a half cups of water. I pour this into a clean pot and set to boil.

3.    When it boils, reduce the heat to low and steadily add the Corn Fufu mix into the pot of water while mixing at the same time with a spatula. Watch the video below to see this in action.

4.    As the mix becomes thicker and you can feel it on your spatula, stop adding the corn fufu mix but keep mixing until a smooth ball of dough is achieved.

5.    Add a few drops of water to the Corn Fufu, cover the pot and let it steam all over, the time it will take depends on the quantity of Corn Fufu that you are making. For caterers who make a large pot of corn fufu, this will take a while but for a single portion, it will take at most 2 minutes.

6.    When it has steamed very well, mix again till everything is well combined.

Fufu is the main dish in West Africa. Mostly, women serve the meal to show appreciation for their husband for involvement in agricultural production. The meal is easy and cheap to prepare. It does not require any specialized skills for preparation. The meal is enriched with vitamins, proteins, energy and starch making it ideal to serve after engaging tasks (

Fufu does not bear any significant benefits. However, the meal is enriched with important nutrients for the body. On the nutrition concept, 100 g of dry fufu weight contains 2 g of proteins, significant levels of fats, energy and carbohydrates. The meal is also known for low cholesterol levels and high levels of potassium(

During the preparation, I stuck to the formula my colleague taught me. however, in the case you do not have corn flour, maize flour comes in handy. Due to unavailability of corn flour, I used maize flour in the preparation of fufu.

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