Sample Anthropology Paper on Breaking Social Norms

Culture refers to the way of life of a particular group of people as evident in its system of beliefs, symbols, behaviors, and beliefs. Social norms are the behaviors that a group, culture or community of people has accepted and expects its members to conform to. The socialization process represents how the members of a community learn social norms. It involves the internalization of ideologies and norms and the achievement of cultural and social continuity by handing down knowledge from the older generation to the younger one.

The norm that I violated was that of the mode of dressing. I wore my shirt and trouser the wrong way, with the front side facing the back and walked around the public park. I felt odd and a little embarrassed as people looked inquisitively at me. I felt the urge to explain my behavior to them as some of them showed concern over my behavior. I wished I could tell them that I was completely sane and only carrying out an experiment. I did not like the idea of being thought mad. A few of the people in the public park that I visited, especially older women, approached me directly and attempted to know more about me, hoping to find out if I had a problem and how they could help. I could tell that they thought I had a mental or emotional problem that was causing a lapse in my behavior. Two of the older women who approached me inquired why I wore my clothes the wrong way and attempted to explain the right way to wear a shirt.