Sample Anthropology Essay Paper on Lombroso’s Theory

Lombroso’s Theory

Essentially, Lombroso believed that being a criminal is biologically inherited both in males and female and that most criminals could be recognized merely through their behavior.  He studied the relationship between people’s physical appearance and mental traits. He basically states that as a criminal, you are born into it and it is not brought about by nature. He went ahead to state that some physical characters differed according to the crime. A thief for example would be identified using their expressive face with small and roving eyes. On the other hand, he described murderers to have blood shot eyes with dead flat stares and huge hawk-like noses. In females, on the other hand, they displayed a more immoral and immodest character while most of them were tiny and wrinkled with little skull that is not normally seen in a normal woman.

Based on Lombroso theory, choosing where exactly to sit either in a class or on a subway will basically be predetermined by the physical appearance of the person I am to sit next to. Naturally, upon entering a subway and finding only two unoccupied seats, where one of the persons seated has bloodshot eyes with a cold stare, that seat would not be a consideration. Subconsciously, my mind would term him as suspicious leading me to only sit next to a person I feel more relatable to. Same case applies to an empty class seat, which I would choose strictly based on the appearance of the person next. This theory therefore totally gives Lombroso’s theory validity in identifying people based on their appearance only. It is much easier to relate to a normal person than a person with some wandering eyes and jugged like ears.