Sample Anthropology Essay Paper on Interspecies and Multispecies

The journals illustrate the importance of multispecies such as plants, animals, and humans in the ecosystem with a major focus on the flora and fauna. The studies extrapolate on the relations between human beings and nonhumans and the ways in which they co-exist (Ogden, Laura, Billy and Kimiko 5). Furthermore, the periodicals state how various human activities and their increase in population have led to the extinction of other nonhuman species.

Authors Key Arguments

Flora and fauna play an important role in our ecosystem since they act as the fountains of the totemic powers, sexual innuendos, and ethno-ecological understandings. For instance, salmon in Japan and wolves in Adirondacks are important in the creation of rurality and place identification (Ogden, Laura, Billy and Kimiko 6). However, human activities have contributed to habitat loss and extinction of some species based on the hi-tech narrative that the sites occupied by plants and animals are wasted space. Equally, the urge and interest that relates to the urban wild are rarely unstated or are raised by individuals that have been ignored by the country’s political developments (Hinchliffe et al 645).  Therefore, to protect the ecosystem it is critical to ecologies environmental politics as a way of reconfiguring the ontological divisions that have existed between science and politics.

Based on the arguments it is evident that plants and animals are an important segment of the ecosystem and need to be protected just like any other being. However, the politics of development have led to habitat loss and extinction of species as most of the spaces are occupied by the built environment. For example, construction of hospitals in the wild and building of roads to enhance access to the facility are some of the ways in which flora and fauna are lost.  

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