Sample Admission Essay on Personal statement for Masters Program in Health Informatics

Personal statement for Masters Program in Health Informatics

My desire to undertake a Masters Program in Health informatics has largely been informed by my experience while working as a fire-fighter paramedic, a job that I have been involved in the last 12 years. Having first-hand experience on the numerous challenges facing modern healthcare professionals has ignited in me the desire to gain additional knowledge and insights into the improvement of the safety and quality of care offered to patients.

            When I first joined college, I did so courtesy of a soccer scholarship. At the time, my main focus was on playing soccer as opposed to pursuing academics. However, I soon realized that my soccer career would be short-lived and that I had to pursue a career in an area that I had a passion for. I have always loved the medical field, along with the advances it is making. Therefore, it was not hard for me to settle for a Master program in Health Informatics for the simple reason that it is among the fastest growing areas in the healthcare field.

            My experience as a fire-fighter paramedic has brought me face-to-face with the challenge facing the modern society namely, provision of patient-centred, affordable, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare in the face of scarce resources and increased demand. I believe that an MSC in Health Informatics will equip well t deal with this challenge by embracing communication and information technologies to delivery healthcare.   

            I am optimistic that the experience that I have gained in the field of healthcare as a fire-fighter paramedic, along with my passion in the field of healthcare puts me in good stead to pursue the masters program in Health Informatics. Besides, I am hard working and put a lot of dedication in the pursuance of my goals. For example, I attended college as a full time student and also worked full time as a fire-fighter paramedic while pregnant. My responsibility in training and reviewing computerised EMS medical reports using RescueNet has also given me an insight into the Msc in Health Informatics program. I also bring on board valuable experience as a trainer in the use EHR (electronic health records) and EMR (electronic medical records) programs. 

            My decision to pursue an MSc in Health Informatics at USF has been informed by the fact that the university is ranked among the top regional and national universities. Besides, a Master of Science in Health Informatics at USF entails 11 courses, distributed over 32 credit hours. On the other hand, competing programs entails between 12 and 15 courses distributed over 33 and 45 credit hours. It is thus possible to complete the program in a single calendar year if a take a full load. Moreover, the College of Medicine at USF is renowned globally for an innovative curriculum that lays emphasis on enhancing healthcare through research, interdisciplinary education, and clinical activities. Moreover, the faculty is highly qualified in integrating medical knowledge with informatics to the students who also gain valuable experience working in emergency rooms and hospital wards.

            I am optimistic that the passion that I have for the medical field along with the experience as a fire-fighter paramedic over the past 12 years puts me in good stead to pursue an Msc in Health Informatics. I am also hopeful that upon the successful completion of this program, I shall have gained valuable insights on how best to integrate communication and information technology in the provision of affordable healthcare.