Sample Accounting Research Paper on TAX Research Memorandum

TAX Research Memorandum

Tax questions

  1. Does a third party intervention affect the rules of taxation as initially applied? Due to lack of domestic revenue, Rex is unable to pay the mortgage that is up for seven months now. Interventions by Dot to pay off the mortgage results to the bank writing off its debt over value excesses. The initial payment plan that Rex used before he became bankrupt is not stated though it is anticipated that the equivalent of the amount he had paid the mortgage company valued more than the $3.6 million that he owed or else he would have been evacuated. What about the initial plan that represented the rest of the 10 years he had been financial stable (Weimar, 139).
  2. An equivalent of the house Rex and wife stays in is rated at $6,000 per month while they pay$1.00 per month. During taxation, how is the difference that is visible in this case accounted for? Who accounts for it? There is a great difference between the houses that Rex and wife lives in and those from the neighborhood. The manner in which the cash lost during taxation is consolidated is however unknown. The Deed in lieu of Foreclosure might be the greater reason why Rex is exempted from lenders owing to the fact that he has been released from the main debtor, the mortgage company (Weimar, 139).
  3. Do media interventions influence the rate at which tax will be enacted?  What role does it play as far as application of text is concerned

Rex’s aide is as a result of the publicity he receives, though he might have been undergoing hard times but taxation does not exempt certain individuals, as they know no case. Therefore plans to act to gain the much-publicized interests from the public works well for dot who further purchases the house from the then lender.

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