Sample Accounting Essay Paper on Personal Statement

Personal Statement

There is an adage that ‘Choose the job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ The quote made me recognize the significance of engaging in a profession I love doing in my quest to a happy life. In high school, I was charmed by how one could use accounting rules to control organizational systems as well as circumvent economic uncertainties. This informed the decision to pursue accounting in university, with a keen interest in management accounting. As such, I look forward to playing an active role in this dynamic field of study and ensuring that I steer the enterprise I work for towards financial sustainability and profitability. I am also passionate about promoting the study and pursuance of accountancy in my country of origin as well as giving back to the society through setting up businesses that address pertinent societal issues.

I have participated in numerous accounting workshops, and I have work experience in accounting having interned at the Saudi Arabian SOOJ International Development of Economic Cities Company. Working in this setting enabled me learn what the profession entails, recognize my passions, and strengthen my networking and communication skills. Besides this, I put it upon myself to further my skills in Capsim, Quickbooks and other accounting software that I am currently learning.

Outside of the work environment, I am an optimistic, passionate and hardworking person with a strong determination to succeed. I believe that it is this desire to do more with my life and competencies that availed me the scholarship from my government to pursue my master’s degree. My desire to absorb novel things is what drove me to pursue my graduate studies outside of my home nation. Attending a multi-cultural school has made me open to new challenges and appreciative of any opportunities, and I believe that studying in the USA will make me more open-minded and motivated.