Sample Accounting Admission Essay Paper on Uci Accounting Master

Uci Accounting Master

I completed my summer internship at two companies: Joining Service Accountants in Suzhou, China, and Hochine, Shanghai, China. In Suzhou, I dealt with auditing projects and reviewing previous material. I worked with five professional accountants. In Shanghai, I interned at a factory where I worked hard to show that I possessed strong skills in quantitative analysis and time management.

While volunteering at Yixuan Music Culture Institution, Suzhou, China, I learned the importance of proper communication, time management, and monitoring skills. These skills are important in the growth of any company. My short-term goals involve becoming a Certified Public Accountant and eventually a professional auditor. Accounting is a logical subject because it is more flexible and making financial statements is relatively easy. Accounting may have numerous rules to follow, but that is what gives it a better base. Tax also focuses on the details and it has a more regulatory base. Joining the Service Accountants deepened my accounting knowledge. I, in partnership with other five professional accountants, collaborated in preparing and managing financial and administrative materials for clients. The auditing task demonstrated my accuracy and efficiency in carrying out daily responsibilities in the companies. This was accomplished during my internship at the summer in Suzhou, China. During this time, previous company clients’ auditing documents were reviewed, and thus, important lessons were learned.

My long-term plans include working for a large accounting service firm in the corporate world. Having developed interest in several accounting courses, I am able to achieve these goals. In addition, my group managed to complete a six-month auditing projection in less than the expected period. This is of benefit because the corporate world relies on fast and efficient service delivery. In addition, the target company was a factory that had five assembly lines and hundreds of employees. While in Shanghai, China, my skills were tested in terms of leadership and communication. This was intended to enable the members in my team to achieve a higher goal. There was an emergent task of packaging thousands of clothes in less than twenty hours. This task aimed at testing efficiency and service delivery under pressure. This skill is important in the corporate world where demand is often greater than the supply of goods and services.

The MPAc degree program has excellent facilities. These facilities will reinforce the experience that I already possess. This program has enough resource bases, and it has access to real cases, which will be of benefit in my accounting career. In addition to my CPA, the MPAc program serves to reinforce that which pertains to accounting. This degree aims at providing people with the required 150 credit hours and preparing them for public accounting.

The MerageMPAc is a program that will enhance my critical thinking and technical skills. The internship program at Merage will enable me to work hand in hand with MBA students. I will enhance my networking skills, and acquire actual, firsthand accounting experience. This program will enable me to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. The short-term goals involve becoming a professional auditor since I will work with those that are already experienced. In terms of the long-term goals, this program plays a role because it encourages networking. Developing a business network is important in acquiring and securing potential interviews and job opportunities in the larger corporate world.