Research Sample Paper on Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Internationalization is the aspect of taking a company global and making it possible to have operations outside of its home country. The aspect of undertaking due diligence on business transactions and processes in a foreign country espouses due carefulness and the acquisition of what might be termed ‘business intelligence’. This paper will seek to highlight the internationalization of Target Corporation, an American retailing company, founded in 1902 and the second largest discount retailer in the United States. Target Corporation has already started its internationalization process with its entry into Canada, albeit a North American territory. Of particular interest will be its entry to a country outside North America, with a large middle class with disposable incomes that support Target Corporation’s business model. Brazil has come off as a suitable destination and an analysis of the business opportunities in this South American economic giant will be put forward. PESTLE Analysis, SWOT Analysis among a variety of analysis will lay the case for the Brazil, which is being considered a suitable destination for Target Corporation. The business environment will be looked into and what will be the challenges on the ground will be outlined with possible remedial measures. The political stability, economic strength and legal soundness were found to be compatible with the environment found in current Target Corporation’s operational jurisdictions (markets). Differences were found in the cultural environment, such as its Portuguese-speaking people, which influences cultural etiquette and business engagements such as meeting and negotiations’. In addition, the Human Resource requirements were a found to vary from what is the norm in North America. There is also the aspect of domestic competitors who are already in the Brazil market, Wal-Mart Inc. to be precise, which has a similar business model as that of Target Corporation. The entry mode has been identified, FDI with a timeframe with marketing and advertising suggestions.