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Triple Aim

Health care is one of the most essential features in a country’s economy. Much of America’s administrative efforts has been directed towards improving the health care system thus scrutinizing every health institution in an endeavor to improve the system. The emphasis by the government of the U.S. is based on costs and quality of the health services while creating value for the whole population of American citizens at the same time. This paper aims to point out the most important tenet of the triple aim in achieving the goal of optimizing health care delivery.

Triple Aim is a developed framework in the health care sector by the Institute of Health improvement. This framework shows a strategy to optimize the performance of health systems. There are mainly three dimensions under the triple aim that include; improving the general health of the public, improving the patient’s experience of health care including quality and individual satisfaction while at the same time reducing per capita cost of providing the health care services. (Berwick, 2008)

The developed framework of Triple aim serves as a foundation to many of the communities and health institutions that have to transform and improve on their way of service. The goal no longer is on provision of health care but focus on optimizing the health for individuals and the general population. The end goal therefore is to benefit the communities at large. (Kindig, 2003)

According to researches done in the past ten years, the United States records the most costly health care system in the world. The health system accounts for up to 17% of the entire country’s gross domestic product and is expected to increase. As much as other nations that have better and lower cost health systems have pressure to increase the value due to advanced resources in the sector, they  have improved and healthier communities. (Carry, 2013)

Enhancing experience and outcomes of patients and improving the health of the general population can be effectively achieved if the costs of medicine and health care in general are favorable to the people, thus the most important tenet in achieving the goal of optimizing health care delivery.


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