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Rand Paul White House Bid

According to the USA TODAY (2015) Senator Rand Paul is set to launch the 2016 white house presidential bid on Tuesday 7th April, 2015. He set to begin a rally at Louisville hotel slated for noon. Other states expected in the initial stages of the presidential race include New Hampshire, Nevada, Lowa and South Carolina. Rand Paul states that he will prove he is not like his father Ron Paul who has been a two time presidential candidate. For example, Rand has advocated for a war declaration against Islam states (USA TODAY, 2015). This has been through introduction of a resolution that limits fighting durations and the use of troops. On the other hand, Ron called for a closure of all military bases owned by the United States in his 2012 presidential primary debates. Moreover, Rand Paul has also advocated for more libertarianism and elimination of foreign aid. 

            On a personal reflection, Rand Paul has to be strategic in order to win the Republican presidential elections. For example, he must engage the supporters of his father Ron Paul in order to extend victory. By engaging the people who supported his father in 2012 and 2008 campaigns, he would ensure that he captures all these votes. By appealing to Republicans to embrace a more libertarianism and conservatism on low taxes, the minority and young people can be more comfortable in the GOP. Additionally, cutting off foreign aid to countries that discriminate against Christians would ensure not all votes are divided along religious lines.    Generally, Randy wants to campaign for the US presidential race using his own ideologies and not based his father’s previous strategies. Therefore, Rand Paul has to be tactful in his campaigns in order to capture the Republican presidential race.


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