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Indigo Children

There was a myth that indigo children would come into the world in the 2012, and change the world in a great way. They would be responsible for bringing revolution in terms of spiritual welfare in human beings on earth. During this period, children who were born after 1992 would have the characteristics of indigo. These children would spend a lot of time chatting through the blog with others. They would have the ability to communicate to the spirits (Gubb).

This is far from the truth in the sense that a person is born out of biological processes. The first step is the mating process that happens between a male and a female spouse. This is where sperms meet with an ovum to form an embryo. Eventually, after nine months the child is born bearing genes from both parents. The genes connect the child to the parents. This demystifies the whole idea of indigo children who would originate from heaven to earth. According to some writers, indigo existed for some period in other planets like mars and heaven. Their journey to earth would bring about some spiritual revolution that would connect the earth with heaven in terms of spirit.

The myth about indigo children relates to mutation. The concept of mutation takes place in the event a gene is changed or damaged. This alters the genetic processes and activities in the body. The altered message delivered by the genes brings about different body reactions to different ordeals or circumstances. This makes the whole idea of indigo children a mutation concept that is explained in terms of mythical theory. Therefore, the differences that occur between the parents and their offspring denote the mutation concept of genetic evolution.

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