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Question 1

The key advantage of selling books and other goods through the internet is to reduce expenses associated with maintaining retail stores. Additionally, the internet enables customers to do their shopping 24/7(Mooney, 2015). Selling online will enable Amazon to handle issues of having a proper arrangement of books and finding out the demands for their clients in specific areas. Furthermore, shopping online enables clients to have comprehensive information about the books and other books on the same book than viewing one book in a retail store. Amazon will allow its customers to have detailed information about the goods they sell. Selling goods online will also minimize space required to sell books in a retail store (Amazon Web Services, Inc, 2015). The disadvantages of selling goods online are that there is no security with online payments. For instance, because of various factors, books may not be delivered on time (, 2015).

Question 2

If books are downloaded online at a free cost, there will be a reduction in the sales of Amazon because the majority of the individuals will prefer to read script books. On the other hand, if clients will be a certain fee for downloading books, the online business will only have a single channel. With the introduction of a kindle reader, Amazon will be able to sell its products. Conversely, with the introduction of technology, the sales of paper books have reduced and it will continue to reduce.

Question 3

Electronic commerce will attract flexible clients and most of them are aged between 40-45 years. This is because these types of clients prefer to make purchases at a place where their time is optimized. Electronic commerce will handle these clients and give them a good platform for attracting new clients through online advertising (, 2015). E-commerce will enable retail stores to have a different source of income.


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