Research Paper on In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood

Truman Capote is known for one of his renowned stellar works of writing and publishing a book known to many as the ‘In cold blood’. The published novel is non-fiction in nature and talks or focuses about the brutal and horrific murders of four members. The main video that comprehensively describes Truman Capote is a you tube video titled a ‘visit with Truman Capote’ part 1.  According to this you tube video; Truman Capote is featured as an individual who puts so much effort in what he does for the main purpose of offering his best. He is viewed as a person who has passion in whatever he does and aims to always produce stellar products that will for sure impress a vast majority of people who would at any time access his works. He is viewed as an immensely talented and motivated person and hardworking as he is able to find and retrieve information from the murderers themselves thus enabling him to write a comprehensive and well detailed book. He is more interested in his works of art inclusive of poetry and thereby incorporated his part of study together with his writing. Truman Capote was able to fit well in 1960s Kansas as he was able to effectively combine journalism with fictional technique in producing his work.

One of the characters who seemed to be skewed was Dick Hickock who had been disfigured as a result of a fatal automobile accident. Nevertheless, Dick was able to undergo plastic surgery which gave him a new look that he would have otherwise not have had he not opted for the surgery. If Dick had remained disfigured, he would have had other traits as most disfigured persons have low self-esteem and confidence as a result of too much sympathy from the surrounding people. However, he is able to portray another different character of confidence and a hard working wealthy man after his reconstructive surgery. Truman fails to examine the other side of Dick during the period before his reconstructive surgery. He also fails to reveal the mistakes and crimes that Dick had made several times.

The Grisham’s piece clearly depicts the current society where homelessness keeps on escalating whilst the politicians are quickly to send more poor people to the streets. The poverty levels keep on shooting as those who are lucky to be employed are still receiving low wages whilst working for longer hours amid the harsh working conditions. The cost of housing is thereby high for a vast majority and like in the 1980’s more and more people are still living in the streets.