Research Paper Help on Work Breakdown Structure for MUSC

Work Breakdown Structure for MUSC

A work breakdown structure is the disintegration of the deliverables of a given projects in to concrete tasks that are easy to manage (Boylan 23). This paper looks at Manchester United Soccer Club’s (MUSC). The project is about organization of the soccer tournament during the summer with the emphasis on raising funds. MUSC requires this fund for the following reasons: refurbishing and the expansion of several soccer fields in an area called Rick Rimmon Soccer Complex. In addition, a section of the raised fund will be incorporated in the scholarship program of the club. The scholarship program is set aside for the players who cannot afford to pay the designated club dues of $450.

Major Deliverables for the Project

In this particular project, the following are the major deliverables:

  1. The first one is playing field acquisitions Approaching the colleges and high school Renovation of the existing club fields

  1. Second, one is the acquisition of the match officials. Approaching the football governing bodies for their match officials

               Seeking for the officials that officiates the colleges and high school matches

1.1.3 The third one is there warding of the winning team.

  1. Purchasing of the trophies and medals that are cost effective

1.1.4 Ways of generating revenues from the tournament for this project.

               Selling of T-shirts

               Selling of gate tickets

               Teams registration fee

            The organizing committee has limited available options on how to acquire the fields of play. The limitation is brought about by the insufficiency of funds for hiring the playing fields together with the few number of fields that are owned by theclub. Therefore, the club will seek for convenient and affordable options. However, the only possible option to approach the nearby learning institutions especially high schools and colleges for their fields and mark them is necessary.

Acquiring the match official is one of the greatest challenges for the organizing committee. Trained and qualified officials are very expensive and can render the project very costly. At the same time, having a qualified team of match officials in a tournament is crucial in upholding not only the integrity but also the quality of the officiating in a tournament (Katel, 117). Therefore, the organizing team will go for trained and qualify team of officials. However, the club has decided to approach the regional soccer governing body for their match officials. On the same note, the organization committee has declared to send a delegation to theregional soccer governing body to lobby for a subsidy and possibly sponsoring of the tournament.

Rewarding of the winners of the tournament is one of the deliverables that a hosting team must take address. Two types of rewards are available for MUSC organizing committee namely the trophies and the medals (Boylan 24). The committee members have a decided to use both trophies and medals in rewarding the winners of the tournament. They declared that the eventual winners would be awarded medals for all the team members and a trophy for the team. Similarly, the committee felt that the runners-up also should be rewarded for their efforts of competing up to the finals.

Another important deliverable is the revenue generation from hosting the tournament. After in-depth deliberations by thecommitteemembers, itagreedthattheclub would generatetherevenue from three ways. The three ways are selling off theclub T-shirts, chargingtheregistrationfeeforthe participating teamsandgatecollectionsforthe soccer fans. Thecommitteeagreedthattherevenuecollectionshould be assignedthefinancialdepartment of theclub. Therefore, they are to overseetheprintingandselling of the T-shirt at a reasonableprice. In addition, they are to agree on the amount of registration fee together with the ticket amount for the gate collection (Katel 117).

Importance of theworkbreakdownstructure to MUSC project

From thefirstmeeting of thecommittee that was chaired by Nicolette, itwasevidentthattheymembersweredisorganized. Theylacked cohesiveness as well as a chronology of ideas as far as theagenda of their meetingwasconcerned. Consequently, theyspentmoretime than theyexpectedandeven Nicolette had a headache as a show of thedifficulty of themeeting. In this case, work breakdown structure would have assisted them overcome some of the problems that they experienced (Boylan 23).

In thefirstplace, workbreakdownstructure would haveassisted them in estimatingthecost of hostingthe soccer tournamentandpossiblyjudgingthefeasibility of the hosting project. In implementingthis, they could haveassignedthemajorevents against their estimatedcost. Theeventssuch as thecost of thematchofficiatingtogether with thecost of acquiringthe playing fieldsandthecost of awardingthematchwinners. After estimatingthetotalexpenses of theproject, thecommitteewas to compareit with theprojectedrevenue that was to be obtained from theproject. By doingthis, Nicolette together with her team would be in a position of making an informed decision whether undertaking this project would help the club achieve its objective (Boylan 24).

Secondly, WBS would alsoassistthe Nicolette together with her team to drawtheprogramfortheevents. This is because as theylistedtheproject deliverables, they would havebeenable to assigntime to each of theeventsandcome up with theprogram. Similarly, WBS would haveassistedtheteam to drawthebudgetfortheentireproject. In addition, it would havebeenhelpful in budgetingthetime during themeeting, which would haveensuredthatmeetingwasconducted within the stipulated time. Lastly, WBS would havehelped Nicolette and her team to identifythepossiblerisksthattheproject is likely to facesothatthey can deliberately in advance on how to overcome them (Waldman 202).

Sources of information on how to develop a WBS

Beingthefirsttime, Nicolette is likely to experiencesomechallenges as shestrives at developingthe WBS forthe MUSC hosting tournamentproject. Therefore,  she requires to have the necessary information required for the development of WBS. Consequently, she can obtaintherelevantinformation from writtenmaterialssuch as booksandarticles. Moreover, she can alsoconsult an expert in projectplanningandmanagement pertaining to thedevelopment of the WBS. Better still, she can consult project managers of other clubs on how to develop WBS (Boylan 25).

WBS andcostestimationforthetournament

WBS always has themain deliverables, andsome of the deliverables are expenses. Like, in thiscase, hostingthe soccer tournaments has deliverables such as playingfieldacquisition, acquisition of thematchofficials, andrewarding of thematchwinners. All of these deliverables are expenses; therefore, Nicolette and her team can come up with thecostestimatesforeach of them sothatthey can calculatethe overall cost of theproject. Havingtheprojectedcost of theproject, theteam can alsocalculatetheestimatedrevenuethattheproject is likely to generate. Estimatedrevenuestogether with theestimateexpenses can assistthecommittee to predictwhethertheproject would be able to meet its objectiveor not. Consequently, thecommittee would be able to decidewhether to undertaketheprojector not.

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