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The Business Strategy Game Online Game Company


The Business Strategy Game is an online game where students are divided into several teams and then assigned the task of athletic companies that compete against one another. These competing companies should be athletic footwear companies and they are normally managed by other students. In most cases, the company operations and activities are always parallel to the actual athletic footwear companies in the real world. Currently in the real world, competitions among companies have become very stiff. Some of the activities performed by the footwear companies include the sale of branded athlete jerseys and private labelling, among others.

The footwear company is managed by managers, who are assisted by co-managers in making decisions concerning the operations, distribution, and the warehouse operations.  Their primary objective is to come up with ways and means in executing competitive strategies to beat their competitors. In all aspects, the Business Strategy Game should go in line with all the activities done by the real-world athletic companies.

Company’s corporate values

Employees in all companies should maintain basic ethical principles and corporate values. They include a set of fundamental beliefs of an organization and the guiding principles that dictate the behaviour of the employees. Some of the corporate values of BSG Company include a commitment to innovation and excellence in all the activities undertaken.  Transparency, accountability, credibility, partnership, and professionalism are also some of the corporate values that the company aims at maintaining in the market (Ordóñez 155). In addition, employees’ sustainability is another key corporate value that should also be considered.

            However, companies may also have negative core values. These companies are solely motivated by profits without considering the health of employees and customers.

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