Research Paper Help on Restaurant Menu Design and Concept

Restaurant Menu Design and Concept

The menu and design concepts play vital roles in the success of any food business or restaurant. For example, the menu of any restaurant should be creatively designed to ensure that guests enjoy choosing meals of their choice. This means that it should be designed in an appealing manner by carefully choosing colors on each meal offered. La Boulange restaurant in Southern California offers breakfast, dinner and lunch by incorporating appealing design and menu concepts (Starbucks, 2014). It offers delicious and authentic cuisines by providing customers with a comfortable and enjoyable eating atmosphere. The menu is built on many popular and traditional dishes with its ingredients being sourced mainly from California. Some of the menu items incorporated include: omelets, delicious house made yogurt, granola, specialty cocktails, thick milkshakes and grass-fed beef burgers among others.

            In relation to the to the restaurant features, it is designed to create an inviting, warm and relaxed atmosphere that make guests very comfortable when enjoying their meals at any time. There are subway tiles, butcher block tables, stenciled concrete, lighting, artwork and signage that foster the welcoming and warm atmosphere (Starbucks, 2014). With such menu design and concept, the restaurant portrays uniqueness and authenticity in the food they serve.

            Some of the additional suggestions for effective restaurant menu design and concepts include: unique food descriptions and elimination of excessive noise. Unique food description could include the use ethnic names and addition of authentic flair. Chicken Margarita for example, sounds appealing than simply using chicken that has been spiced with tomatoes. Similarly, incorporation of geographical names also enhances uniqueness. For example, California Barbequed Ribs. Excessive noise can be eliminated through proper wall acoustics, ceiling tiles and carpeting. Generally, proper design and concepts is integral in the long term success of any restaurant.


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