Research Paper Help on Religion and Government should not be Entirely Separate

Annotated Bibliography

Topic: Religion and Government should not be entirely separate.

Dhawn, B Martin. “A provisional politics: Reclaiming grace at the intersections of religionand politics.” Cross Currents 64.3(2014):376-393. Web. 4. Feb. 2015. <>.

The article by Dawn discusses on the nature and impacts of the relationship between religion and politics in the society.  It lays focus on the various public debates such as abortion debates and voter identification laws in the various states.  This helps in understanding the provisional politics surrounding Christianity.  Most importantly, the author draws theories from the eschatology and its differences with other Christian relations with politics.  Thus, it encourages Christians to pursue their own religious and spiritual empowerment without any government. Such evidence would be useful in documenting research findings relating to religion and government.

Farrow, Douglas. Recognizing religion in a secular society: Essays in pluralism, religion, and public policy. New York, NY: McGill-Queen’s Press-MQUP, 2004. Print.

The book is contained in the AUD library catalog, in which it provides a proper understanding of the various aspects of religion the secular world. Specifically, the authors emphasizes on the effects of government interventions and restrictions on the success of religion. The book has various subtopics that discuss the relationship of religion and other aspects including state, rule of law, and liberal democracy. This was helpful in understanding the interactions of religion with the government aspects. The book documents comprehensive information relevant in tackling the research question of religion and government.

“Is America A Christian Nation ? Religion, Government and Religious Freedom.” Americans United for Separation of church and State. Web. 4. Feb. 2015.  <>.

This is a publication of the Americans United for separation of church and state organization. The publication discusses the controversial of whether the United States was formed under Christian values. The American constitution is secular and does not contain any statements relating to Christianity or any other religions. This implies that religion should be separated from the state in all aspects. Since, in the past, religion and government lead to oppressive forms of governments. The publication would be helpful in supporting the research arguments against the integration of religion and government. As a result, the publication is a valid and reliable source of evidence for the research paper on religion and government.

Norman, Bonney. Towards a free market in religion. Political Quarterly 84.2(2013): 256-264. Web. 4. Feb. 2015. <  f090d3be7b42%40sessionmgr4003&vid=0&hid=4101&bdata=JkF1dGhUeXBlPWlwLHVpZCZzaXRlPWVob3N0LWxpdmUmc2NvcGU9c2l0ZQ%3d%3d#db=a9h&AN=88931727>.

The journal article by Norman is relevant in providing strong background evidence on the impacts of religion and the church in the various countries.  It discusses the nature of the Church of England has strong control and organized governance of the country.  The growth of religious diversity has also affected various contemporary issues in the society.  Most importantly, the journal article discusses the importance of religion to be free from state government in order to allow for open operations for religions. This would offer freedom for all religions that improves the correspondence between the attitudes of the citizens and public actions.  The article by Norman is relevant in providing sufficient evidence for the research relating to the relationship between religion and government.

Patrick, Flavin., and Richard, Ledet.  Religion and government corruption in the American States. Public Integrity 15.4(2013): 329-344. Web. 4. Feb. 2015. <>.

The journal article by Patrick and Richard is another relevant source in measuring the quality of the government and its collaboration with the religion. It records the various sets of theoretical expectations in understanding the level of government corruption and impacts on religion. The level of religious people in a state is not related to the government corruption. The article would present research studies and discussion on the measure of government corruption and religiosity. Therefore, the article is important in providing necessary evidence for the research on religion and government.