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Public Health

Public health has significantly changed over the last 200 years in terms of health care delivery systems and how health services are provided. Health care delivery stemmed from commercial and colonial growth during 19th century. Public health scientific era was initiated by the influential work on the transmittable genesis of diseases, such as, cholera, typhoid, rabies, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. During the emergence of colonization, public health significance all over the world became clear and caused the first global regulations to be negotiated. Worldwide cooperation to prevent the cross border transmission of transmittable disease took place between 1920 and 1940 directed by the International Sanitary Conferences. Another phase was identified after the World War II that mandated the biggest international organizations, such as, International Monetary Fund, World Health Organization and World Bank. These organizations, even though focused mainly on world financial structures, were all relevance for public health. Presently, public health is characterized by the developing influence of medical related non-governmental organizations (NGOs). A significant development in the present public health has been the acknowledgment of the principle that comprises classical prevention elements in terms of ecological threats and spread of infectious disease (Novick & Morrow, 2013).

One of the movements in public health that have been most influential is provision of clean water, which has dramatically reduced transmission of disease. This reduced diseases and death rate, increasing rate of birth leading to population growth. On the other hand, surgeons and doctors started to sterilize their hands and instruments before attending to patients, which decreased the rate of hospital-borne diseases. The discovery of antibiotics also contributed much in public health improvements that also led to decrease of death rate. Therefore, public-based strategies to improve community health that have had significant impact are safe water, reduced vaccine-preventable infections and conducting surveillance of medical problems (Killewo & Quah, 2010).


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