Research Paper Help on India’s Economy

India’s Economy

India’s economy has improved significantly compared to those of its neighboring countries. The person behind the improved economy is Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister. Prior to his election to the position, Mr. Modi was a chief minister and he did a lot to improve Gujarat, India’s main city. In fact, Gujarat has a fast growing GDP and a heightened intensity of employment opportunities and production in all of India. His election was based on his economic competence as demonstrated in the way he developed Gujarat. Mr. Modi has put in place institutional structures for Gujarat in order to promote economic growth for India.

Developing infrastructure has been Mr. Modi’s main agenda. He has influenced the establishment of Tata Motors in Gujarat. This was achieved when he sent an SMS message to the directors of Tata Motors offering them a factory-ready plot. As an institutional structure, Tata Motors has improved the economy of Gujarat and India as a whole.

The offer of land by Mr. Modi to investors has prompted other plants such as Ford to follow suit. Ford is planning to reestablish itself in Gujarat and this will be of significance to the city’s economy and of the country.

Gujarat also boasts another institutional structure, Apollo, which is a big tyre manufacturer. The establishment of Apollo’s plant in Gujarat was influenced by Mr. Modi’s policy of granting permits, licenses and environmental clearances quickly. More factories have sprung up readily and this has helped improve India’s economy.

Although roads, electricity generation and water supply are not institutional structures, Mr. Modi has enhanced the three and they have been vital in India’s economic growth. Besides, he has instilled belief among the citizens of India and this has assured him more time in office allowing him to influence the establishment of more structures.