Research Paper Help on Evangelism in Christianity

Evangelism in Christianity

Evangelism refers to preaching the gospel or spreading information regarding particular doctrines or Biblical beliefs to other people for the sole reason of converting them to Christianity. Evangelism is becomes complete with calling people to repentance and proclamation of the Christian faith. People who specialize in evangelizing are known as evangelists and would do this either in their own homes or far off lands as missionaries.  Evangelism would be done to either large or small groups of people and would be carried out anywhere so long as there is a targeted audience. Currently evangelism has traversed the traditional borders of physically preaching to people in churches or revival meetings to the use of electronic means commonly known as televangelism.

Evangelism is used to direct people into having a personal relationship with God. Through evangelism, men are reconciled with God. God is holy and would not associate Himself with any manner of sin.  Moreover, sin is the basic obstacle between man and God.  By evangelizing, we renew the relationship between God and man. The Bible tells us about the inevitable judgment that man would face after death in Rom. 3:23 and Rom. 6: 23.

Evangelism is a command from God requiring all Christians to traverse the corners of the earth and preach the gospel (Mark 16:15). Therefore, Christians evangelize to save themselves from the impending wrath of God. They are required to reach as many sinners as possible or else they would face the wrath of God (Ezek. 3:16-21). The souls of those who get lost our expense are required at our hands.

Despite the advantages evangelism has on Christianity, it has also harmed Christianity in several ways. Evangelism always gives the impression that Christianity is very simple and all aspects pertaining Christianity can be easily understood. The truth of the matter is that some aspects in Christianity cannot be easily understood by use of the natural understanding rather by the intervention of the Holy Spirit. Such aspects include the resurrection of Jesus, the Holy trinity, and life after death among others.

 Several people for selfish gains have also used evangelism rather than the basic reason initially initiated for evangelism. Some evangelists or pastors use evangelism to increase the population of their congregation. Once this is done, they do not follow up on the progress of the new believers so as to see whether they are encountering any problems and to help them grow spiritually. Another danger evangelism poses on the Christian faith is the possession of the ‘holier than thou’ attitude that make some evangelists seem to think that the gospel is only meant for the sinners and not also them. They forget that Christian growth is continuous and tend to seem rather judgmental than influential

            Evangelism involves a number of risks involved in such hostile reception by the audience. In regions where the people do not recognize and appreciate the Christian faith, the respondents tend to be hostile on the evangelists and some even end up being killed. They are also prone exposure to insecure places especially areas that are unfamiliar to them thus putting at the danger of attacks from wild animals and criminals.

Another risk would be exposure to diseases and infections. Sometimes evangelists are forced to go out to places that are unfamiliar to them. Unhealthy lifestyles, pandemics, and pests that would in turn expose them to diseases and infections that that are detrimental to their health characterize some of these places. In addition, evangelists also face the risk of broken families especially when this task involves travelling to far off countries for longer periods. Some spouses may fail to understand or even more, may fall into temptation and commit adultery, which eventually harms the family union.

 Evangelism does not stand any substantial earthly rewards but the ultimate satisfaction of having acted according to the expectations of God. God requires us to win more souls in to His kingdom and therefore by going out to evangelize means that we are fulfilling his requirements and partly assured of eternal life from simple obedience to His commands.