Research Paper Help on European History: Reformation to 1900

European History: Reformation to 1900


            There was a crisis in Europe in the seventeenth century. The people of Europe reacted irrationally in response, during this period.

Thesis Statement

            This essay emphasizes that the irrational response of the Europeans was uncalled for in this period. This is because in as much as there were challenges the society went on functioning well just as in the previous centuries.

European History: Reformation to 1900

            The seventeenth century was a period worldwide crisis. Europe went through the crisis for thirty. However, the European’s reaction brought drastic effects that made history worldwide. This is because in as much as there were challenges, the society was functioning normally. There were no main forces to alter the lives of the people. Economic challenges were felt all through the region. This resulted to a state of emergency between the society and the state. There was frequent conflict in political and social sphere. These conflicts produced widespread demographic, political, religious, and economic challenges. The main cause of people’s response was the difference between the court and the country. The court was majorly powerful, bureaucratic, and independent while the country was conservative regional and gentry. Moreover, the elites and the religious groups brought changes such as the Protestant Reformation and Renaissance.

            As much as there were differences, the Europeans has a better way of responding. The effects of the crisis were greater that the crisis itself. The Protestant Reformation led to greater division within the church. The renaissance spread to other continents and brought about major population shifting. The economic and the social dissatisfaction were not much as it in other nations. Moreover, it was also an era of great discovery as silver was realized in America and exported to Europe. Therefore, the Europeans were living in better standards than other nations. In spite of the crisis, the continent still managed to maintain its identity. There have also been great developments in agriculture and technology among other sectors.


            Europe underwent great crisis for thirty years in the seventeenth century. The response of the people was irrational. Despite the crisis the continent was still among the leading nations in development. Therefore, they ought to have responded better.