Research Paper Help on Education in the 21st Century

Education in the 21st Century


            21st century learning refers to certain core value that schools need to teach students to help them keep abreast with new changes experienced in the evolving world. Examples of these value include critical thinking, problem solving and digital literacy. The exemplar schools implements the 21st century learning exemplar program by providing educators and communities with a variety of models to replicate.

Many advances have been made in the 21st century to replace the 18th century literacy.  Exemplar schools see to it that students live to their full potential.Innovations have been made in the fields of technology, creativity and life and career. Classrooms have been equipped with digital content like blend space which allows users to employ videos, images, plain text and URLs in creating multimedia presentations.Blend space works on computers ipads and tablets. Some subjects are being taught using computers. The 18th century blackboards and chalks have been replaced by whiteboards and marker pens.

Exemplar schools create an environment that encourages creativity and innovation. These platforms provide opportunity to learners to put ideas into practice. For example pupils showcase their talents after which they are nurtured. Classrooms are designed in layouts that allow a variety of activities.

The 21st century schools have developed career guidance and counseling programs that help guide learners in their transition in careers. Learners are encouraged to pursue career paths of their choice and those in line with their talents and skills.

To make the 21st century learning a reality, schools need to recruit competitive technological workforce that will introduce and keep going with the new technology. Learners need to be given choice according to their interests and not put under the same test. Libraries on the other hand need to be ultra-modern and equipped with upgraded facilities.