Research Paper Help on Concepts in Health Communications

Concepts in Health Communications

  1. Relevant Concepts From Past Study

The concept learnt in health communication that is evidenced in these case studies is the initiation of action. In the first case, WMC initiates action by creating a rural health care career initiative after recognizing the need (another concept) for qualified nursing assistants (Houston and Anne 93). The concept of exchanging knowledge and practice comes about when WMC provides training to students who want to be qualified nurse assistants. Another concept in health communication is the need to help people understand issues affecting them so that they may change their beliefs; WMC does this through annual health fairs, where everyone is invited.WMC also uses volunteerism and locals to keep the program alive.

In case study 2, MAHHC uses the concept of community mobilization to help form community health infrastructure (Dreeben 47). MAHHC also worked on trust to establish and maintain other stakeholders in the health sector. Huge data available to members helps in the exchange of knowledge.

In case study 3, a project is initiated to transform Yuma district hospital to a patient-centered medical home (PCMH). This is made possible through community involvement and collaborations. The projects involve other safety net clinics to improve performance of the PCMH. The participants have access to ample data to help them with the management of patient care.

In case study 4, the Cheyenne regional medical centre recognized the need for improved health care services for its patients (Claudia et al. 133). It therefore initiates a project called Cheyenne health and wellness center to be able to achieve this.

2.What Do You Like Most?

 The concept that appeals most is taking initiative. This helps health workers to pinpoint the most pressing health concerns of a community and then take the necessary steps to address the issue. My dream career remains to be a healthcare professional so that I can make a huge impact on people’s lives.

 3.  What Did You Like Least?

From the case studies, what has not appealed to me much is the way various organizations mentioned did not make more effort to establish and maintain strong relationships with other health providers.

  • How Would You Have Done It?

Strong relationships among the stakeholders and the community are very important for the success of any project. I would have put more effort to establish and maintain networks with other health providers if I were the person in charge of these projects.

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