Research Paper Help on Aviation in Popular Culture

Aviation in Popular Culture

Aviation is a culture that has been created by the people involved in the industry. In the aviation culture, a group of people in the aviation industry have a set rules and regulations that govern what is appropriate and what is not in the industry. This culture is of great importance and is set by people with numerous years of experience on aviation. The aviation culture was easily established and managed in earlier times, with the increase in technology however, there have been difficulty in managing the system because of the complexities that arise. This paper undertakes to explain the different aviation cultures, how the people responsible come up with them and their impact on the people in the field of aviation.

National culture is composed of values, and attributes that help in delineating the variances between the native people of a given culture and those of other culture. It represents the various components that are being shared collectively by the national heritage. Collectivism, individualism, power distance and avoiding of uncertainty are among the different aspects identified to be common in the national culture. They comprise of the values, norms, and the altitudes.

Professional culture involves the behavior of the pilots, flight crew and any other individuals working on a particular flight. Strong roots in professional culture are developed from a good relationship with the flight crew. Professional culture helps to determine the behaviors of the crew and how they relate to each other. It involves how pilots relate to air traffic/controllers or engineers maintaining the plane. This involves the attitudes and respect they have for each other.

Organization culture is concerned with the way an organization organizes itself is what determines its culture. The procedure, rules and norms outlined by the given group differentiate the behaviors of a particular flight crew of one company to that of a different company or even that of the government compared to a private corporation. Organizational culture has been used to provide shell for both national and professional cultures. It is at this level of culture that the greatest leverage can be created to establish a safe culture.

Safety culture is another culture that is found in the aviation culture. It can be defined as the set of permanent standards and attitudes concerning issues related to safety and do affect all members of the organization. It also refers to the extent in which every person and every group in a particular firm are aware of the risks, i.e., the every individual perceives safety, values it and giving it priority for the good of the organization as general.