Research Paper Help on Applied Leadership Justice Organizations

Applied Leadership Justice Organizations

How I identified the issue

            In my day-to-day activities at the workplace as a security guard, I realized that every individual had their own way of doing things. Every department displayed a different way of handling issues and seemingly, everyone had their own view about an occurrence in the company. As a security night guard, there are certain rules and regulations that were introduced into the company. It was startling to find out that only a few of the workers had information about the new regulations concerning the entry and exit from the mall especially in the night. At one time, I encountered a certain incident that needed to be handled procedurally and with the involvement of the administration. Unfortunately, I realized that I did not have sufficient information about it while the rest of the workers knew about what was to be done.

            In my proposal, I suggested that regular meetings be held within the company during the times when most employees are available to enhance communication among all employees. It is encouraging that my supervisor liked the proposal and promised that she will be taking it into consideration. This acceptance has motivated me towards working harder and trying to find out ways of improving the organization. I look forward to an organization that possesses effective communication.

Team Building Strategy and Proposal Method

            My proposed strategy involves holding weekly meetings within the organization, which will be held when all employees are available. During such meetings, there will be interaction sessions between employees as well as passing on of important information and notices. Managers should also avail foods and drinks as a means of motivation for employee attendance.  In addition, meetings should be held regardless of whether the manager is present or absent. The team leaders can represent him or her.