Research Paper Help on Advantages of Living in an Apartment

Advantages of Living in an Apartment

Living in an apartment is better than renting or owning a house. Apartments have many perks including being safer, having more amenities and requiring little or no maintenance besides having the added advantage that they are less costly than houses. I prefer living in an apartment to a house because of the added safety, the low cost and the extra amenities not normally found in houses.

First, I prefer apartment living because of the additional security. Most apartments have several entry and exit points. There are main doors, fire exits, side doors and then the door to one’s apartment. It thus becomes hard for thieves and vandals to access my home. Some apartments will also incorporate CCTV cameras and a guard at the main door hence adding to the security. Having good friendly neighbors will also ensure that thieves cannot get away with items like TV sets without somebody witnessing the act. Because of the presence of close neighbors, one needs not worry about burglars when out on vacation.

Another pro of living in an apartment is the low cost. When it comes to both rent and bills, an apartment is more cost effective than a house. Since apartments are considerably smaller than houses, one saves on lighting and heating bills. In some apartments, the proprietor will pay for everything else but the rent, drastically reducing costs. Due to the smaller space too, the rent on apartments is in most cases cheaper than that on houses. The monthly payment can also be negotiated when one has a financial crisis, something that is near impossible with home mortgages. Maintenance costs are also significantly reduced in apartments. First off, there is no lawn to maintain. Second, one does not pay property taxes. When there is a faulty appliance in the apartment, one just needs to call the property manager who will send a maintenance person to remedy the problem.

Finally, an apartment comes with the added benefit of having extra amenities. Most apartment blocks have facilities like pools, gyms, laundry rooms, secure storage, cable television, a borehole, generator, barbecue areas and rooftop entertaining zones. Having a pool and gym saves on site saves on club membership fees. Laundry rooms, secure storage and cable TV that has already been paid for adds to the convenience of an apartment. Besides that, one needs not worry about power or water outages when there are a borehole and generator in place. An apartment’s underground parking will also eliminate the nightmare of street parking that comes with a house.

In conclusion, apartment living is more convenient than homeliving. Apartments have an associated higher security due to the many layers of security as well as the presence of neighbors. CCTV cameras and the presence of a guard are deterrents to vandals and would-be burglars. In addition, apartments have lower rent and maintenance costs than houses.  Since the proprietor covers most of the maintenance costs, one is left with more free time and serenity. An apartment has the added park that rent payments can be negotiated, something almost impossible with mortgage payments. The extra amenities in apartments add to the convenience.  Savings on club membership fees are made due to the presence of a pool and gym in place. Cable TV, laundry services and secure underground parking add to the benefits of apartment living over house living.