Religious Studies Homework Paper on Pillars of Islam

Pillars of Islam

According to Kobeisy (2004), the five pillars of Islam will ensure that a Muslim is able to live a moral and pure life according to the will of God. The first pillar of Islam, Shahadah, helps Muslims to develop a strong faith for Islam through accepting that there exists only one God (Allah). It is practiced to demonstrate a Muslim’s total faith to the only existing God. The Kalima is a recitation for all Muslims based on the first pillar, which demonstrates a Muslim’s total faith to the only existing God. Salat (salah) is the second pillar that is the foundation for Islamic prayer. It is practiced because everyone has a direct link with God through prayer. The third pillar of Islam, Zakat, requires all Muslims to participate in alms giving according to capability and accumulated wealth. It is practiced to promote the economic status of the less fortunate in the society, which is considered a service to God. Sawm as a fourth pillar requires that every Muslim should undertake fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. This is practiced as a sign of deep personal worship to God. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam that requires all able Muslims to visit Mecca once in their lifetime during which they demonstrate complete obligation to the requirements of the Islamic religion.

Hajj is the most difficult pillar to adhere to because the proximity of all Muslims to Mecca is limited by distance (Hedayetullah,  2006). The high cost of traveling to this place would hinder most Muslims who cannot meet the financial cost.

Shahadah is the easiest among the other pillars to adhere to because it is based on only citations. It requires that every Muslim recite the Kalima, which is very easy because it only needs to understand the citation.





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