Recommendation Letter Template

Recommendation Letter Template

A recommendation letter template is one of the best reference materials that you can always use in writing a letter for recommendation. However, it is very important that you know where to find a good template and how to effectively use it in order to deliver a good recommendation letter. Continue reading for the best tips on how to use a recommendation letter template and links to professionally crafted ones.

A letter of recommendation is written to give an assessment of the qualities, characteristics and capabilities of an individual with regards to his or her ability to perform a particular task. A template on the other hand, is a structural representation of a typical recommendation letter. A template clearly indicates the various aspects of a letter for recommendation that should be covered in writing. Besides, the template will also show you the best format for an ideal recommendation letter.

In fact, there are several benefits of using a recommendation letter template for writing your letter of recommendation. A well written template for a recommendation letter will also save you quite a lot of time when it comes to writing because of the easy reference that it offers. This will further enhance productivity since you will not have to struggle creating recommendation letters from the first step.

Templates are also readily available and this makes it much more convenient for you whenever you need to write a recommendation letter. Besides, they also come in various formats from where you can always choose the best that suits your needs.

Tips on how to effectively use a recommendation letter template

A recommendation letter template is a guide that should show you the details to cover in the final letter. This implies you have to know how to properly use it in order to create an outstanding recommendation letter.

The following tips will assist you on how to use a template for a recommendation letter for writing a letter.

Understand the concept of the template

There are certain situations when templates can be quite useful, and it is crucial that you understand the entire concept behind those that you have chosen. The basis of a template is a model that can be reproduced.

Templates are designed with elements like formatting, content among others aimed at helping you in getting started. Thus, it is important that you first take time to learn a few things about the template before starting to use it.

You should also note that there are various kinds of recommendation letters based on the reason for writing. This implies you should also first know the purpose of the letter in order to know the right template to go for.

Check the terms of use

Most of the templates for recommendation letters that you will find online are offered free of charge. However, there are also some that you may need to pay for and it is always important to know in advance.

Templates can be used online or downloaded for later use. There are always specific guidelines on how to use the templates online and offline.

In case you may not have the time to work on the template over the internet, it is advisable that you save or download it. However, you have to ensure that the terms of use are saved as ell so that you do not have problems in writing.

Before using a template, it is also important to check whether it is customizable or not. It is always advisable that you choose a template with customization features since that gives you the freedom of expressing your creativity in writing.

Try to be cautious with the changes not to make so much such that you even end up messing the entire template. Limit yourself to the template when writing without altering so many details.

There are some templates that allow you to instantly create the document that you need. This means that you are able to simply fill in the details of the letter in the template and get the final letter within just a few minutes. This mainly applies to templates that you are required to work on over the internet.

Writing a recommendation letter using a template

With the above tips, you can now proceed into writing your letter. One of the most important things to note when using a recommendation letter template is attention to details. As you put down your points into the template, be sure that there are the right ones that you intend to appear in the recommendation letter.

When writing, try to always make the points clear and precise. However, you should vividly describe the traits and abilities of the person being recommended in order to make the letter subjective.

After you are through with writing the letter, always take time to carefully read the document and make the necessary corrections.

Where to find the best recommendation letter template

Although templates are readily available, it is always important that you know where to find the best. Remember that it is only a professionally written recommendation letter template that can guide you towards writing a good letter.

The most convenient place where you can always find high quality templates for recommendation letters is online. The following are some of the best places to find good templates for recommendation letters.

Dedicated blogs

There are websites that are specifically dedicated to offering advice for writing letters and other related documents. Such can be quite useful and will save you so much time that would have been wasted browsing through pages in search of the right templates.

An example of such a blog is The site offers a variety of recommendation letters that you can always choose from including school, job, housing tenancy, internship recommendation letter templates among others.

Based on the subject or the purpose of the letter, you can always find the right one to use. Besides, the blog also offers guidelines to assist you in writing the letter for greater results-

Online writing services

Websites for professional writing services can also offer you a better avenue for obtaining top notch templates for writing recommendation. One of the benefits of obtaining templates from such sites is that they can offer you custom templates that are crafted to your specific demands.

Besides, the sites will also offer you additional insights on how to go about writing a recommendation letter using a template. In fact, you can also find samples of already written recommendation letters that you will not need to revise. Simply click here to visit our homepage.


Today, there are several libraries that you can easily access online whenever you need templates or any other reference materials to use in writing papers. However, this does not rule out visiting your school library or any other near you since they can also offer you the templates that you need.

School writing center

Your school writing or career center is also another place that you can visit for recommendation letter templates. These are available both online and offline, however, it is advisable that you visit the ones available over the internet for convenience.

An example of a school writing center that you can visit in order to acquire a template and help in writing a recommendation letter is Purdue University Career Services, which you can access here.

Samples of Recommendation Letter Templates

The following are sample templates that you can refer to in order to see how a typical recommendation letter template should look.

Example 1

Letter of Recommendation Gun Permit

‘’I have been lucky enough to know………………………………for the last……………years, both as a regular volunteer at my work, .…………………, and as a close and personal friend.

…………………………….is a kind, responsible person. She has always been conscious of rules and laws and to my knowledge has never broken any of them…’’ Retrieved from

Example 2

Sample Template for Academic Recommendation letter

‘’Dear (Name of employer or Graduate school committee):

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for (Name of Student). I highly recommend (name of student) to your organization for the position of (Job title).

I have known (Name of Student) for the past (Number of months, semesters, and years) as (he or she) has taken the following courses that I teach…’’ Retrieved from

Example 3

Custody Letter of Recommendation

I am writing to recommend………………………for sole custody of his………..children. As the former au pair of the children, I have witnessed first-hand wonderful care……. …….takes of his children, and the neglectful and harmful behavior demonstrated by his partner……………………

I served as the children’s au pair between ……………………….and …………………During this time ………………… was always present and supportive of his children, which included monitoring my performance…’’ Retrieved from

In case you may need help on how to use or find a professionally crafted recommendation letter template, simply talk to us. Alternatively, you can visit our homepage to find out how to obtain high quality custom templates from us.