Essay Writing Help on Readiness of the Banner Healthcare in addressing the Needs of Citizens

Readiness of the Banner Healthcare in addressing the healthcare Needs of Citizens

Banner Health comprises of 19 hospitals, 6 long-term care institutions and numerous family health centers, home care programs, and home medical equipment suppliers in 9 Western states (Pipe, 2014). Banner Health has built an inclusive organization-wide effort referred to as Care Management to concurrently deal with quality and wellbeing, lessen patient errors, evaluate and report performance, results, and patient contentment, while controlling expenditures through utilization management, care synchronization, and performance enhancement. The organization has distinguished itself as a healthcare establishment that is dedicated towards providing the best possible care where its customers benefit from a home-like experience (Pipe, 2014). The healthcare upholds its mission of bringing a change in people’s lives through exceptional patient care through the hard work of its leaders. The organization has 11functional areas and over 36 cross-functional work groups have been set up. The work groups use a premeditated process whereby knowledge is generated, analyzed, synthesized, dispersed, taught, and applied in the system (Pipe, 2014). After the initial 2 years of this endeavor, information sharing and uncompetitive support can be established inside the newly amalgamated organizations. In addition, the capability of health care specialists to understand and apply sophisticated arithmetical equipments will have increased. The healthcare takes a proactive approach, with an aim of emphasizing avoidance, and reducing sickness whenever possible (Pipe, 2014). Banner is committed to helping citizens obtain the highest level of wellness while simplifying the process of health care and hence enabling citizens to achieve their health goals.

Banner healthcare is dedicated to bringing a difference in its employees’ lives as well as their career in general. The main reason of such a dedication is to make the staff transfer the same on the lives of other citizens and particularly when it comes to patients care. The member of staff is therefore expected to demonstrate the dedication to the mission of banner healthcare (Pipe, 2014). This mission is executed at the bedside care as well as in the process of supporting the task of care delivery in support sectors. Through the conduct and actions of the nurses towards the patients, their relatives and colleagues every day, the philosophy of Banner healthcare should be symbolized.

Banner healthcare organization mainly carries out internal marketing by investing on its staff. This has resulted to considerable effects on the quality of services that the healthcare provides through the staff (Pipe, 2014). Banner healthcare has been able to provide high quality value of healthcare and hence drawing and retaining patients. This is accredited to the dedication and dependability of workers to the Banner healthcare organization. The organization has a well-organized and functional rewarding plan that supports their marketing efforts in drawing many more people to their institutions.

Due to the current developments in the healthcare industry, it is essential for Banner healthcare organization to sustain its position in the market by enhancing its manner of service delivery to meet the changing needs of the society. Banner healthcare organization can formulate a plan that values the patients and the community in which they operate at large. The people living in the areas where the healthcare operates ought to have a feeling of the attachment that the organization has to them (Dahl, Reisetter, & Zismann, 2014). The advent of the globalization age and stiff competition worry of organizations in marketing their services has moved to Corporate Social Responsibility. Organizations become socially responsible when they make voluntary choices to defend and uphold the interest of a wide array of stakeholders and to develop a better working environment and a healthier community through the active association with everyone (Dahl, et al., 2014). Through this effort, workers will find it convenient to work in Banner Healthcare organization and eventually promote nurse staffing to serve the growing health network. CRS is a benevolent dedication taken up by organizations to manage the role that they play in the society in a manner that is responsible (Dahl, et al., 2014). This will be significant in meeting the healthcare needs of the patient and in building the patients’ faith by making them realize that Banner healthcare organization is not just concerned in their money. If such an attempt is integrated with the current work policies, this organization will be in a superior position in the market on matters relating to delivery of healthcare services.

Banner healthcare organization has an excellent history and has created a good system that deals with the needs of both the workers and the patients. Nonetheless, this may not be adequate to meet the needs of an ever-changing society. Smooth healthcare administration is the major key to the success of an organization in this industry and hence the image of the organization plays a major role in the attraction of patients (Dahl, et al., 2014). Although meeting the needs of the workers is essential, being socially responsible will take Banner to high levels of sustainability. 


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