Psychology Essay Paper on The Consequentialist Approach to Ethics

The Consequentialist Approach to Ethics

According to the consequentialist approach to ethics, an action will be morally required because of the excellent and best results it produces. The proponents of the theory argue that people should focus on the future by looking at the consequences of their actions or the policies they formulate today. An interesting fact about the approach is that it emphasizes on people moving beyond their egoistic and selfish concerns. In other words, the approach pinpoints that apart from people focusing on improving their lives, they should also focus on improving the lives of others. Most importantly, the approach aims at making the world the best place for every person, and this is why there is no strong opposition to its argument. In judicial institutions, one of the most feared penalties is the death penalty. While trying to make the world a good place for every person, the consequentialist approach argues that such a penalty is justified if it will result in an improvement of people’s lives. It is also interesting to note that the approach emphasizes on equality, moral flexibility, and impartiality. The fact that the approach includes animals and other human beings who are not fully autonomous within the moral community is also interesting.

However, there are various arguments and conclusions accompanying the approach that are mistaken. For instance, the proponents of the approach argue that the ends justify the means. Therefore, the approach only focuses on how good enough the ends are. Thus, no attention is paid to how individuals get to the good ends. There is a great need to focus on how individuals go about various actions rather than only focusing on the consequences of the actions.