Psychology Critical Thinking Paper on Positive Behavior Support Plan

Positive Behavior Support Plan

            Having a negative attitude towards women, I needed to develop a strategic plan to avert the ordeal. This includes a number of steps that will help execute the plan. On the other hand, there is a pattern that is observed between antecedents and consequences in the functional assessment. Antecedents increase the contact between female citizens and me while consequences accelerate hatred between women and me (Riffel, 2011). My current function helps determines weaknesses hence help develop a plan to rectify behavioral attributes.

Support Plan

  1. The first step is to reevaluate my behaviors and relationship with women. This will be done through self assessment of the strength and weaknesses.
  2. Looking for helps from counselors. Motivation is the best thing towards behavioral change and visiting a counselor will serve me better at this time.
  3. Improves my association with female’s friends by spending more time with them and discussing issues such as relationship so as to build my trust in women.
  4. Participate in mixed group discussion more often. Interacting with female student now and then increases my chances of healing from previous wounds.
  5. Attend women rallies and conventions aimed at reinforcing women role in the community. It is a positive move towards women freedom by accepting and appreciating their role in the society.
  6. Looking for positive minded individuals who support women based on pragmatic reasons. Highly motivated friends help design and develop positive attitude unlike lowly motivated individuals.
  7. Listen to female students as they contribute in group discussion.  Class discussion aids student express their ideas and beliefs in a one on one exchange of words.
  8. Gather family support for behavioral change. Engaging family members in the change process will facilitates process and renders support.
  9. Conduct research on the positive behavioral adoption that reinforces the change process. I will implement this when having conversation with females.
  10. Develop behaviors expectations for a period of time by having a well defined schedule to help track progress (Dunlap, 2010).

Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence (ABC) Chart

DateTimeAntecedentBehaviorConsequencePossible function
18/10/20153:00pm-4:00pmAttending group discussion with female students.Not participating in group discussion actively due to fear.Gaining very little from the discussion.Raising questions and enquiring for clarity where issues are not adequately tackled.
19/10/20155:30pm-6:00pmHanging out with female friends.Fear to associate with female.Failure to express my feelings and expression towards female friends.Appreciate women role and contribution towards development.
20/10/20157:00am-12:00pmAttending conferences for women and organized to champion for their right.Associating with low motivated men who despise women.Alienating from women associationHaving a well defined plan to involve female friends in some of the activities.
21/10/20152:00pm-4:00pmAttending counseling session on relationship matters.Unable to find a girlfriend.Holding unsuccessful discussion with women.Making friend with more females than men to develop and establish relationship characteristics.
22/10/20151:00pm-3:00pmHolding family meetings comprising of female members.Conforming to cultural views towards women.Having a well defined plan to attend women meetings.Studying successful women in the community in order to appreciate their efforts.
23/10/20159.00am -1.00pmAttending debate for gender equalityUnable to convince female’s students to attend the debate.Sitting alone or with male students due to fear of women.Inviting female friends to occasion so as to spend time together.
24/10/20158:00am-1:00pmGoing for the church service (women’s day).Male chauvinismDisrespect for womenStrengthening family relationship with women to see the positive side of female’s citizen in the country.

Change in Behavior

Some changes that will occur after implementation includes:

  1. Redefining the evaluation process of determining the efficiency of change so that it may incorporate changes that may occur during execution stage.
  2. Allocating more time for counseling and family discussion to improve support for change.


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