Political Science Coursework Sample Paper on Political economy: A comparative approach

Part 1

Rousseau presents a logical criticism of civilization based on human submergence on and relation with nature. I love your article because it sheds light on most of his philosophical thoughts regarding humans and nature. I agree that human beings would be better off in the society if they had remained contented with the peaceful past they co-existed with equity. However, I believe that regardless of the societal inequity and imbalance, the modern man is a better man and he can find a way to have his societal needs met due to his civilization (“Rousseau and Criticism,” n.d.).

Part 2

I would agree more to the radical perspective than the classical liberalism ideology in trying to explain the society. The society is not only composed of independent elements that act and survive alone, but also people meant to co-exist for a common idea or function. Within the disagreements of the radical movement, however, I believe that there is need for a government and some economists should not brand it as evil. A government contributes to order by promoting equity and eliminating ills such as disparities of income, wealth, and power that impede social development (Clark, 1998).

Part 3

I greatly realize the weight of your argument Robert, but I feel the government properly serves as a representative to the citizens. Moreover, if you doubted my differing stance, ask yourself; how could be the society be like without the government? The government has an important role to play especially promoting societal justice and welfare. The only problem I think is the slight encroachments of issues such as corruption of some leaders and unequal allocation of resources that marginalizes some individuals in the society that has handicapped the government that should represent us as individuals (Clark, 1998).

Part 4

I concur that humans need the freedom or free society in order to develop to their fullest. The freedom that is needed can only be there if we had a democratic society, but you realize it is not easy to achieve full democracy in the current society (Portes, 1971). I believe the work of the government can foster the society to be democratic and achieve freedom where all can participate.


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