Philosophy Book Review Paper on Total Truth

Total Truth

The book Total Truth by Pearcey analyzes the landmark that exists between Christian worldview and various cultural mainstreams as practiced in politics, businesses, laws, and other fields of professionalism. The book provides answers to certain contentious arguments concerning religion; the life Christians live and how Christians should virtually relate to the world around them.

One area that Pearcey (2008) gives much consideration in her writing is the extreme of threats culture imposes on Christian youths, which again might be a negative impact to bear by Christian churches across the world.

From the onset, the book is built on the question as to whether God exists in public arenas or rather if religion is an issue to be tackled privately. In other words, Total Truth is a reflection of efforts to meet spiritual life through personal and cultural renewal. The struggle to keep in pace with Christian life is considered a division in truth since religious principles and practices keep Christians from public arenas.

At the same time, Pearcey (2008) recognizes in her book the needs to unit our split lives in order to recover the spiritual power that delinks Christians from earthly practices. Pearcey’s teachings of Total Truth is an inspiration that deals with real people, connects past experiences with present happening in order to liberate Christians from their cultural captivities.

In general, Pearcey in her book Total Truth tries to convince readers that Christianity is not only a religious truth but also a truth built on reality and connects the minds of those in public arenas to the minds of individuals living private lives. This is the whole truth that Pearcey finally discovers to be uniting Christian faith with the virtual world.


Pearcey, N. (2008). Total truth: Liberating Christianity from its cultural captivity. Wheaton, Ill: Crossway Books.