Personal Statement Samples

Personal Statement Samples

Why you need a personal statement sample

Writing your personal statement is a big deal and one that needs to be given the attention it deserves. There is a lot of work that goes into the process of writing personal statements but with personal statement samples to refer to, the process becomes easier.

Often, these samples are written by professionals and in some instances, some have already been used to successfully get into desired universities and other positions of interest. Remember your personal statement gives you the only chance to “directly” talk to admissions officer hence it is crucial to ensure it is effective.

A personal statement gives you the chance to demonstrate why you believe you are an ideal student for the university you are applying to or programme. Primarily, it is an academic statement and one that must be directly targeted towards the programme or subject you are interested in.

If you are like most students, you will greatly benefit from reading samples to get a general overview of what is expected from you.

Where to find personal statement samples

Are you looking for a personal statement sample? There are several places where you can get well written personal statements and they include:

  • Academic websites-There are academic websites that provide samples you can review at your own convenience to get an idea of what is expected from you while writing a personal statement. Here is a good sample essay on personal statement. There are several other websites worth looking into. However, when reviewing websites for samples, be careful to confirm the website you use is reputed for posting original samples. This is important as it keeps you safe from complexities that are associated with plagiarism and other common mistakes.
  • Online forums-There are online forums where you can find academic writers willing to share their samples. Visit these forums and make your request for samples and you will be amazed by the results you receive.
  • School dashboards/websites-There are schools that post statement samples online and you can review these as well. Just be certain the personal statement sample you review is a reflection of the statement you intend or are supposed to write in order to maintain relevancy while writing it.

There are numerous places where you can find personal statement samples. The secret is to use your research skills adequately. Take time to review different samples and look at the style of writing used. Consider the language employed and the formatting used. It is aspects such as these that help guide you towards writing an impressive personal statement.

Tips for finding the best samples

There are a couple of things you need to bear in mind when looking for a personal statement sample and they include:

  • Quality– Always, be on the lookout for samples that are written with quality in mind. In this case, review the writing style, language used and the content in general.
  • Format-While there is no specific format for writing a personal statement, look for samples that are well laid out as they show the writer took time to research and write the statement.
  • Originality-Always work with samples that are written from scratch. Originality is extremely important in the academic world and should not be compromised under any circumstances.
  • Free-Samples are supposed to be free. Therefore, when looking for a source where you can get samples, it is recommended that you confirm they are free first. This will keep any unpleasant surprises at bay.

Now that you already know what to consider when looking for a personal statement sample, it should be easy for you to find high quality, impressive statements.

What should be reflected in a personal statement sample?

There are certain things that should be reflected in a personal statement sample and they include:

  • The audience– Those reading your essay take into consideration all aspects of your application and once they are certain they like what you have presented, they call you for an interview. Therefore, samples are supposed to reflect an understanding of who the target audience is as this makes it easy to tailor the statement to match their expectations. The statement should make an impact within the first three minutes. A reader is supposed to get lured in to read more from the opening paragraph.
  • Motivation-The statement is supposed to be a testimony of your desire to follow a specific path. Therefore, through your essay, you are supposed to convince readers that you deserve a spot in your preferred school. Additionally, it should showcase your writing skills as well as language abilities.
  • Look for samples that reflect a certain sense of truthfulness and personalization as these are some of the attributes that most admission officers are looking for.

Examples of personal statement samples

Sample One

“From the time when I was a child, I had grown an intense desire in the nature around me. I originate from a household of three with a revenue of about $30,000. The household chiefly relies on my father who is a businessman. Look at the exceptional impact he has on my life, I believe this is the motive I picked a desire in economics primarily. He has worked hard to sustain the household via his corporation; also I believe his hassle has paid off. The huge progress of his venture interested and encourage me to undertake economics to the top most stage. In addition, the setting I bred in me made me nosy on the manner things are undertaken, also I was intrusive inquiring from my dad all kinds of queries on business’s administration and development. My mum and two sisters as well spurred me by reacting to a number of the numerous queries on the subjects I did not comprehend…”-read the entire essay by clicking on this essay on personal statement.

The essay sample above begins with a brief background into the life of the writer. Once you continue reading, the second paragraph also delves into the past while the third paragraph speaks of the writers academic accomplishments. The writer concludes the statement by stating why they think the University of California is the best setting for them to learn economics.

Sample Two

“…my biggest assignment was working at St. Joseph’s Medical Emergency Room, Petterson, New Jersey from February 2009 to August 2011. At this institution, I worked as a medical scribe for the pediatrics ER. My responsibilities involved assisting the physician before operation and accompanying him or her to the examination room, documentation of the review system and physical exam results, keeping track of laboratory values and imaging studies and looking up the past medical records of patients. I was also charged with recording progress notes, entering discharge plans among other prescriptions…”

“…Nursing is a career that is well suited for individuals who are reliable, dedicated, trusted and have the ability of developing relationships with patients fast. I am convinced that I possess these qualities. Becoming a nurse is what I have always wanted in life since I genuinely want to make a different in many people’s lives. I have the desire of becoming the hope of patients and their families during those times when they experience the highest vulnerability. It is my hope that you will accord me the chance of fulfilling my life-long ambition. I promise to consistently study both day and night in order to accomplish my dream, make my family proud and create a lasting impact in many people’s lives…”

The excerpts above are from this biology essay on personal statement.

Sample Three

…The foundation of my plan and wish to enroll at Hon Jay College for a course in Master of Public Administration is the personal confidence I have in the institution and the suitability if the course for my objectives and background. The MPS model of the institution, in terms of focus and orientation is proportionate to both my future and academic background professional aims…”- sample essay on personal statement.

In the sample above, the writer delves straight into the reason they have chosen to pursue their preferred course at Jon Jay College.

Now that you have these samples, you should be able to write an impressive personal statement. Here is a personal statement sample you can refer to.


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