Personal Profile Examples

Personal Profile Examples

If you want to know how to write a great personal profile, you should use personal profile examples as your writing guides. A personal profile refers to the section of a resume or curriculum vitae that details the skills, ambitions and interests of its writer- For most people, writing a personal profile is the hardest thing when writing a CV. However, for your CV to be strong, you must include a personal profile which is usually the introductory paragraph that provides a summary of your career and background plans.

Using samples to write your CV enables you to come up with a profile that acts like an elevator pitch that captures the interest of the employer. When your CV has a god personal profile, the employer will most likely read the entire CV and probably call you for an interview.

What good personal profile examples include

Good personal profile samples tell readers about the things that are important to the writer, his/her important achievements and the lessons learnt from the experiences and challenges that he/she has overcome. This information is very important because it determines the admissibility to a college or eligibility of the writer for a job position.

Basically, good personal profile examples summarize the following:

  • Credentials

These include the qualifications, expertise and experience of the writer that are relevant to the target job or college admission.

  • Track record

This includes the quality and length of the experience as well as the achievements of the writer.

  • Aspirations

These are the roles that the writer considers in the particular organization that they are applying for.

There are also samples of personal profiles that are used for online networking websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. All these are very important because they shortlist the important details of the applicants. There are employers who use keywords to search and identity the right candidates for various positions from the databases of their CVs and this makes personal profiles very important.

Identifying good examples of personal profiles

There are many samples of personal profiles online but not all of them are good. A good sample of a personal profile should be less than 100 words. It should also have a headline sentence at the beginning that sums up the key skills and experiences of the writer and their career plan. Drafting such a sentence can be challenging. The headline sentence should be followed by two or one sentence that provides more details regarding the experience, interests and achievements of the writer.

Basically, a personal profile should pick the experience aspects that are relevant to the target role that relates to the application. It is important that you consider what will make you seem different from others in the same field. Make sure that you provide evidence that proves your abilities-

Using personal profile examples to write your personal profile

When writing your personal profile using samples, look for examples that suit the position that you are applying for. These will give you hints on the experience, achievements and qualifications that you should highlight in the profile. This way, you will draft a personal profile that highlights career aspirations and qualifications that match the position that you are applying for.

Using examples of personal profiles to draft your profile is very important because it enables you to avoid the temptation of writing a generic profile. When you write a personal profile using samples, you come up with a personal profile that demonstrates focus on your target role. It also enables you to highlight the key areas of your experience, achievements and qualifications that your employer is likely to be interested in.

Sample personal profiles

To write a great personal profile, use these samples as your writing guide:

Example I

“I am a professional management accountant and a commercially-aware business analyst with more than 14 years of experience working with a high-profile global company. With strong systems expertise and analytical skills, I specialize in standardizing, streamlining and structuring the processes of financial reporting to offer more productive and accurate systems that improve data visibility while facilitating the process of making better business decisions.”

Note that this personal profile example highlights the experience and skills of the applicant for the job. It also includes transferable skills such as being analytical and it does this succinctly. The highlighted skills are backed up with evidence of working in another organization as well as the fact that the applicant is a professional accountant.

Example II

“I am a self motivated and conscientious person with great determination and enthusiasm to succeed. As a reliable, resourceful and hardworking person with excellent staff management and organizational skills, I combine my ability to set priorities for substantial workloads and get tasks accomplished. I successfully receive, evaluate and assimilate information quickly to accomplish tasks efficiently. I always have good humor and I maintain my friendly character regardless of the circumstances.”

In this sample, the writer includes all his/her skills and how they enable him/her to accomplish the tasks. This shows how the skills, experiences and achievements of the writer makes him/her the most qualified candidate for the post that he/she applying for.

Example III

“I am a hard-working and dynamic professional waitress seeking the role of a customer service or catering which will expand my knowledge and skills. I am capable of working under pressure under my own initiative or as a genuine member of a team. I am really motivated and ready to learn as I perform my duties.”

In this sample, the writer starts with a headline sentence that indicates her professional qualification and what she is looking for. She further supports her qualifications by including her personal attributes such as being motivated and capable of working individually and in a team.

Example IV

“I am a responsible, enthusiastic and computer literate person. I have been working in a global organization where I have proven my leadership abilities by working in a team and handling multiple, complex tasks. My adaptability to different enterprise environments is great. I am looking forward to getting a job in a challenging position that offers growth in an international organization in beverage and food field with customer support as well as complete satisfaction.”

Just like the other personal profile samples, this sample highlights the qualifications of the writer throughout. It also tells readers how the skills, experience and achievements of the writer have been proven by working in a global organization. Additionally, it tells the reader what the writer wants which is to secure a challenging position that will allow his/her growth within an international organization within the beverage and food field.

Example V

“I am a Senior Professional Account Manager with vast experience working at the board level with various external and internal stakeholders both in public and private sectors. I have a track record of utilizing my advanced research, analytical, negotiation and strategic planning skills to develop initiatives successfully while maximizing profit, driving change and minimizing cost. I have extensive and proven knowledge in project management and financial planning. I seek a challenging account manager’s position with an international organization that allows for career growth and experience.”

This sample also highlights the credentials of the writer by stating that he/she is a professional account manager. It also highlights his/her track record of utilizing the acquired research, analytical, negotiation and strategic planning skills in developing initiatives successfully. Finally, the writer states his/her aspirations of getting a challenging position as an account manager in an international organization to realize career growth and get more experience.

Questions to answer before you write a personal profile

As these personal profile examples indicate, there are questions that you should ask and answer while writing your personal profile-

They include:

  • What qualities can make you the most successful candidate for the position that you are applying for? Have you demonstrated the qualities before?
  • What accomplishments, insights and activities make you stand unique from the other people in your field or applicants?
  • What interests you the most in your career and how does it fit within your career goals?
  • What are your strengths and how do they impact on your abilities, duties and performance?
  • What other positions and organizations have you worked in or with and how have they impacted on you?
  • What is your level of training both formal and informal and how relevant is it to your current and future career goals and aspirations?

The above personal profile samples answer to these questions. Note that you should be able to prove everything that you include in your personal profile such as your skills to the reader. Therefore, do not just copy and paste what you find in the samples and present as your own personal profile-

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