Personal Mission Statement Examples

Personal Mission Statement Examples

It is always recommended that you read through a couple of personal mission statement examples in order to easily find out how to write a good personal mission statement. A well written sample of a personal mission statement can enable you to come up with a great application for a college or university of your choice.

Besides, it can also help you in evaluating your current goals and aspirations. Read on for more insights on the importance and use of personal mission statement examples. Besides, we will also show you where to find good personal mission statement samples.

What is a personal mission statement?

A personal mission statement refers to a short document detailing your personality. Through the statement, one should be able to tell your character, abilities, and skills among other elements that can be used to identify you.

Personal mission statement examples can act as ‘blueprints’ on how the final document should be crafted. Therefore, knowing how to use them in writing is an essential step towards making successful college applications. However, it should be noted that there are several job applications today that also require applicants to submit personal mission statements.

Tips on how to use personal mission statement examples

Although many students often argue that there are lots of personal mission statement examples online to refer to when writing, it should be noted that you can only be successful if you know how to use them.

The following tips will guide you on how to use a personal mission statement example for the best results.

Understand yourself

An example of a mission statement describes the skills and traits of another person. Therefore, it should only guide you on how to present your skills and traits too. You need to understand that people are different and the skills of another person may not necessarily apply to you.

It should be noted that you are the subject of the mission statement and understanding yourself is key in writing.

In order to properly understand yourself, take a general but closer look at yourself in terms of traits, abilities and ambitions in order to generate aspects to highlight in the application.

Set yourself apart           

From the sample mission statement, you will find out that there are some unique elements or skills detailed therein. Many recruitment committees are today looking for something different in an individual so it is important that you bring out something about yourself that will not only make you look different but also enhance your chances of success in the application.

The best approach is to look for unique traits and skills that can portray you as a different person with great potential.

The committees that assess applications are usually in search of mission statements that are personal and analytical. This implies your mission statement should be focused on the information that you rarely share with others, in order to show a more critical assessment of yourself.

As you read the sample mission statements, answering the following questions will also help you in preparing to write your own;

  • What is special, different, impressive or distinctive about you?
  • When did you develop an interest in this field or area of study and what have you learned so far?
  • How have you learned about this field or course?
  • Do you have any job experiences? If yes, how have they impacted your growth as a person?
  • What are your career objectives?
  • Are there any discrepancies or distinctions in your career that you would want to explain?
  • What leadership skills do you possess?
  • What are the most compelling reasons that you can give to the admissions committee in order to consider your application?

Using the answers obtained from the above questions; try to find a way on how to make the mission statement interesting. Besides, it is also advisable that you pick an angle by brainstorming on the ideas or points that can emphasize on your exceptional qualities, goals and experiences.

Draft an outline

An outline is a structural representation of the points or skills that you intend to share in personal mission statement. In the outline, you should clearly indicate all the ideas about your life that can convince the admission committee to give you a chance, just as shown expressed in the sample.

A good personal mission statement sample should emphasize on certain basic elements, hence, it is important that you also check if the one you are using highlights the following.

  • Education
  • Career
  • Personal attributes (Honesty, loyalty, dedication among others)
  • Family and personal relationships
  • How you want to live your life
  • Sports
  • Faith and spirituality
  • Community service

Using personal mission statement examples to write applications

A personal mission statement is required to tell the story of your life. Therefore, you should always refer to personal mission statement examples that are crafted in the form of essays. The following steps will guide you in crafting good personal mission statements, using examples.

Open the statement with an impact

The introduction of a personal mission statement should grab the readers’ attention. In order to make your application successful, always start with information that depicts you as an ideal candidate.

In case there is an outstanding element in your performance or career, it would be advisable that you reveal it here. Introduce those elements that are relevant to the application, and which can hold the greatest interest for your audience.

Avoid opening the statement by giving negative information about yourself. You want to maintain confidence and enthusiasm in the entire statement and it is important to always keep an upbeat and positive tone throughout the writing process.

Tell the readers more about yourself

After the introduction, you should give a proper explanation of who you are, what inspires you and how different you are from other applicants. Check how different authors have explained themselves to get hints on how to present your own.

Always be specific in every detail about yourself that is revealed in the statement.

Try to be selective in the information that you give so that you do not end up saying so much, which might bring your judgement in question.

As you write your mission statement, always avoid clichés or commonly given reasons since those would water down your confidence. Look for original thoughts that can portray you can personally attain set goals.

Conclude by highlighting your goals               

Admission committees would be delighted to learn that you have a plan for your life with regards to the course or career that you are pursuing. Therefore, it is important to also tell the readers the kind of expectations that you have.

Clearly say what you intend to achieve from the opportunity and how that will be useful in your life and future career development. Try to be practical and realistic in setting the goal so that you include something that is attainable.

When writing your own personal mission statement, do not simply copy the content of the examples. Instead, only use them as reference materials.

Examples of Personal mission statements

The following are well written personal mission statement examples and links to some of the sources from where you can easily find the best.

Example 1

Sample personal mission statement for Jeffrey Bennet (Holds B.A in Biophysics, M.S and PhD in Astrophysics with expertise in Math and Science)

‘’My professional abilities are guided by a deep sense of mission, driven by my belief that our civilization is at a critical point in history. The crisis manifested by symptoms like environmental degradation, explosive population growth and losses of individual freedom. I maintain that the cause of these symptoms, however, can be traced to the fact that human understanding- and therefore human behavior- has not advanced in step with human knowledge…’’ Read the rest of this sample mission statement here.

Example 2

Sample Mission statement for a student

‘’I am a responsible student who is hardworking at school. My goal is to graduate and attend college for a career in the travel and hospitality industry. I am a responsible daughter who always tries to meet the needs of my family. My personality of hard work is always manifested in the work that I do. In the future, I would like to have my own family. For now, I appreciate the important people in my life.’’

To find this sample and others of similar kind, click on this link.

Example 3

Personal mission statement for college

‘’As a student, I have always been known for giving my best shot at every task that I take. I believe this is where my greatest strength lies. I am yearning to get admission into an institution that recognizes this quality in me and helps me make the best use of it…’’ Read the rest of this sample personal mission statement here.

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