Outline Paper for Raising America

Outline Paper for Raising America

  1. Introduction
  2. Current Problem: There is now vivid account that captures contemporary child-raising anxieties in America and how the parents need to bond with their children and “parent” in the 21st century.
  3. Population/Area of Focus: Styles of Parenting
    C. Key Terms:parenting, parenthood, children

Thesis Statement: It is imperative for every parent to possess a strong love foundation that would enable them to care for their children in the best way they can. They can do this by creating good attention to their kids and showing fervent affection to them (Hulbert, 2003). This present paper will critique the styles of parenting found in the text, Raising America, and give a discussion of the comments, analysis, and reaction to the same.


  1. Background
  2. Historical Parenting Styles: The theoretical aspect of parenting is that the recipe for good parenting is understanding and love. Looking at love, it is imperative to understand what it entails.
  3. Historical Parenting Overview: With regard to this, the parent has to hide his/her fears and allow the child to develop a sense of fearlessness and adventure, and learn to love without necessarily clinging (Lee & Lee, 2011). This tends to extent to forbearance and patience. Part of understanding means trying to investigate the reasons for the child’s fear and creating time for assisting the same child to overcome that fear gradually.
    C. Current Link between Parenthood and Child Raising Styles: Children get problems such as withdrawal when they lack there parental love. A strong foundation that is based on love maters is a beneficial creation of a good parent. Up to now, some individuals have a negative feeling because they believe that their parents have left them and denied the care and attention they deserve (Vaswani, 2009). Like any other responsibility, parenthood calls for total devotion, enough preparation, and dedication.
    D. Gaps in the Research: Little information exists about the best ways parents can form strong bonds with their children of friendship and understand their problems from the child’s perspective

III. Major Point 1: Accept the roles in the marriage as a way of becoming a responsible parent

  1. Minor Point 1:Partners who become parents cannot consider their time as their own
    B. Minor Point 2:Good parenthood starts when the world of affection surrounding the child precedes its birth
  2. Major Point 2: Fondness can never be considered as a substitute for spoiling or pampering children
  3. Minor Point 1: Parents have the sole responsibility of cultivating qualities in children that are worth of assisting them to face life with reality, make them clever and likeable beings, and impart to them a sense of uprightness and integrity (Lee & Lee, 2011).
    B. Minor Point 2:Parenthood is a full-time task whereby the only recognizable way of cultivating the right habits in children is to lead by example and offer them an atmosphere that is conducive to the growth and nurturing of these qualities.
  4. Major Point 3: A parent can only be recommended to be a good parent after assessing how he/she has successfully managed to bring up his/her children
  5. Minor Point 1: By bringing up children in good discipline, it means that the parent does not punish their child every time they make slight mistakes.
  6. Minor Point 2: Sometimes meting out punishment to children can bring more bad than good, by creating moreproblems, animosity, and animosity between the child and their parent
  7. Major Point 4: Good parenting is that it must be geared towards fostering academic success of the child.
  8. Minor Point 1:Upon leaving kindergarten, a child approaches an entirely new and different environment: the primary school
    Minor Point 2: Good nurturing raises the confidence of the child, which later leads to an excellent academic track record.

VII. Major Point 5: A child is always healthier if the parent is always concerned with the child’s welfare and progress

  1. Minor Point 1:It is arguably true that the child’s diet is mostly prepared by other family members. The manner in which the parent controls nutritious components in the diet bespeaks of the child’s habit, which can be constant at times (Lee & Lee, 2011).
  2. Minor Point 2: The capacity to give a child a balanced diet will enable them to enjoy a healthy life in their future.

VII. Conclusion

  1. Restatement of Thesis:  This present paper will critique the styles of parenting found in the text, Raising America, and give a discussion of the comments, analysis, and reaction to the same.
    B. Next Steps: Good parenting creates an incredible influence on the child’s behaviour, good health, and studying result of the child. All the advisers, seen in the text, proved to be unnerving, irrespective of their shifting dogmas and formulas. The revealing of their stories puts it clear that they have strived harder to enlighten the rising of the psychological and social expectations as well as tensions of the unsettled society.


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