Nutrition Dissertation Discussion Paper Sample on Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act

            Affordable Care Act grants health insurance reforms that may affect families, individuals, insurers, government entities and businesses among others. This act provides American citizens with improved health security mechanisms. Jorge Rios’s family is definitely affected by this act in various ways. Firstly, it requires that every American citizen has health insurance cover. Jorge is lawfully living in America and is required to have a health insurance. This has been facilitated by the expansion of Medicaid program in Jorge’s state.

            Second, eligibility is a requirement that must be fulfilled in order to access the health insurance covers. American citizens, legal immigrants, U.S national and documented individuals are eligible for Medicaid programs in line with the affordable act provisions. In this case, Jorge’s brother is not eligible based on his undocumented status. Conversely, coverage can be applied on behalf of documented individuals. In this case, Jorge can apply on behalf of his brother or legally register him for health insurance eligibility purposes.