Nursing Sample Essay on Cover Letter

Cover Letter

Rose Mayor

65749 Valley Street

Los Angeles, 67439

Mobile: 974-352-238

E-mail Address:


Lewis Martin

Prolix Medical Center

Twin Estate, 5829

New York, NY7829273

July 19, 2017

Dear Mr. Lewis

I am writing this letter to apply for a Family Nurse Practitioner position, specifically in the field of primary care and urgent care setting. In addition to this, I will attach my documents through which your organization can consider. I am confident about my nursing skills that I have gathered over the past five years. I can take care of patients well, and I will be honored to be part of your team in Prolix Medical Center. I also can communicate well with them by offering company to them so that they do not feel lonely. This keeps their hope for recovery alive.

From my attached resume, the following are a summary of my qualifications and skills.

  • I have gained a five-year experience from my working at children and family caring units in Los Angeles.
  • I also have competent computer skills that can help me manage patient’s data well.
  • Lastly, I have great memory skills that I can use to diagnose a patient’s symptoms based on their history.
  • I currently graduated from Barry University and certified through the ANCC (American nursing credential center).

The above skills and more will enable me to fit in your organization correctly. Also, I am calm and social, and this allows me to interact with the patients well. I am aware of the current medical terminologies that I can relate to my field of work. This will ensure that my patients are comfortably attended to and can feel better soon.

Lastly, I have attached my resume in which you can review. It includes my other qualifications as well as my educational background. I am looking forward to hearing from you based on this application.

Yours Sincerely,

Rose Mayor